Dream About Whales? Hidden Meanings to Know!

There is a fascination that we human beings draw from whales. Since prehistoric times, these enormous sea creatures have been a thing of fantasy. Both because of their physical size and spiritual significance.

Whales, popularly referred to as ‘cetacean’ ~loosely translated to sea monster~ carry significant meanings in our dreams. While the interpretations may seem subjective, we will dive into some of whales’ most universally accepted dream translations.

Spiritual Meanings of Whales in Dreams

If you have had time to watch any whale documentaries, you will note that they tend to swim together like a family. Whales, in dreams, are reality translate to some key things relatable to human life.


Whales move together, communicate with each other, and embrace a structure where one is in charge, and the rest follow.

Some whale dreams may remind you that teamwork is the best solution when handling your roles.


There is factual evidence that whales can communicate with each other over hundreds of miles. If that is anything to go by, we should embrace proactive communications in our workplaces and social lives.

New Life Hurdles

The whale is by far the largest living creature known on our planet. The sheer size could represent a new project that you are undertaking. The task may be enormous and will probably take a long time to complete.

These are some reasonable loose translations of whale dreams that can shed more light on any dreamer. Understandably, whale dreams’ different species and scenarios have their meanings.

Specific Whale Dream Interpretation

Killer Whales

The first thought when you think of killer whales is most likely fear. Killer whales symbolize suspicion and mistrust. If you have dreams of killer whales, there is likely someone in your life you should be careful around.

Similarly, killer whales could also represent a recently gained independence and confidence. There are barely any living creatures that can threaten a killer whale. Likewise, the confidence you have bred in yourself is like armor around you that cannot be broken.

killer whale

Humpback Whales

Dreams of a humpback whale are welcomed as a sign of strength to overcome any strains that may come your way – a typical humpback whale weighs up to 40 tons.

The dream shows you have the strength and the ability to rise above the challenges that may have otherwise overwhelmed you.

Humpback whales prefer to travel alone across the oceans. Therefore, dreams of humpback whales could signify your need for independence. They are a green light that you may need to find separate from the cliques and groups.

Blue Whale

If any whales carry a lot of spiritual meaning, they are blue whales.

Most dreams about blue whales could relate to self-improvement and companionship. You are on a journey of self-discovery that will improve your entire outlook on life.

Blue whales are graceful, glorious creatures. These dreams could be a mirror image of your personality. Others probably view you as a symbol of growth, which could greatly benefit you.

blue whales

Black Whale

The black whale dream is regarded as a harbinger of revenge.

If you have dreamed of black whale, it is almost certain there is a vengeful past you are clinging to. This dream could symbolize that you need to let go of the past holding you back.

Black whale dreams can also carry an allure of mystery about yourself. In simpler terms, you are likely escaping some truth about yourself or your emotions. It is a sign you need to free yourself from the opinions of others and make your opinions count too.

Dolphins and Whales

If you have dreams about dolphins and whales, you should be elated! These dreams are a true reflection of your emotional state. You are living with minimal stress levels because an obstacle that once was has been removed. It is emotional progress in the right direction.

Change is inevitable. This dream means you are open to change and, more often, acts as an omen of goodwill. You will likely experience more serenity, peace, love, and harmony in your life. All this is the change in the right direction.

Swimming with Whales

Despite the positive representation of whales in our dreams, swimming with them is not good a sign as you may have hoped.

Dreams about swimming with whales could signify that you are taking more risks than imagined. You may be exposing yourself to avoidable danger.

To add to the premonition of doom, the dream could suggest the presence of a negative force in your life. A negative force that does not allow you or those around you to voice their opinions freely. Seems best to act on such dreams, right?

Whales Swimming

The vigor, strength, and health that whales symbolize are unmatched. Therefore, your dream of swimming whales could be a pointer towards your state. You are probably in the best phase of your life and should make use of it to fulfill all you had planned to do in your lifetime.

It is assumed that a whale can traverse the globe in its lifetime. Your dream of whales swimming could therefore be interpreted as a will to adventure. It would be best if you got out more and saw the world. The spirit of adventure in you is likely not fulfilled as it should.

whales swimming

Whales Jumping

Most animals jump when excited or frightened.

Your dream of whales jumping is a sign of relief. The best scenario is that a burden has been lifted off your conscience, and the relief spins you into excitement. In most cases, overcoming the said difficulty has brought a reward to your life.

Alternatively, this dream could mean you have overcome an emotional barrage that was preventing you from enjoying harmony. Whales are symbols of peace and tranquility in most cases.

killer whales jump

Whales Attacking

A dream of whales attacking may strike you as irony, especially after we have analyzed their intricate nature as peaceful creatures. Such a dream is a suspicion of the likely effects of your stubborn nature.

You are probably faced with a situation, and instead of accepting and working on a solution, you remain adamant about methods that do not work.

In support, the dream could also signify denial. The dreamer is likely facing challenges in life but remains neglectful, thinking their life is free of struggle. This denial causes more harm and will continue until you admit these shortcomings exist.

Killer Whales Trying to Eat Me

Is this a dream or a nightmare? Killer whales trying to eat you in a dream is a dreamer’s rollercoaster.

You are probably very frustrated, threatened, or scared, but instead of looking at the root cause of the issue, you are projecting it on someone or something else.

Also, such a dream could indicate there is something you are trying to avoid. It could be a suppressed feeling, an emotion, or even a memory your subconscious is hiding beneath. All this comes at your discomfort as the dreamer.

FAQs About Whale Dreams

What Is the Biblical Meaning of a Whale in A Dream

Does the biblical story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh ring a bell? If not, let me give you a hint.

Nineveh sent Jonah to warn the people of their wrongs. He chose not to and set sail. To cut the story short, he ended up being in the belly of a fish (a whale). From this story, we can derive what the bible could translate our whale dreams as.


Like Jonah, your whale dreams could mean there is something you are trying to hide or run from. Are there emotions you are trying to suppress? Or a tough situation that you are hiding from? A challenge you are not willing to admit exists?

All these are part of human stubbornness related to Jonah’s decision to refuse the trip to Nineveh and sail the other way.


What we have seen about whales is that they represent a change in a positive light.

After three days, the whale spat out Jonah. It means you could still turn things around despite the stubbornness and dog determination, deal with your demons, and become better, happier, and more peaceful.

Is Whale Dreams Related to Pregnancy?

Yes, whale dreams are more often related to periods of pregnancy.

Whale dreams symbolize fertility and responsibility and are part of the most common dreams people have during pregnancy. Whales are very good mothers, which could explain their ties to pregnancy dreams. They are seen as ultimate symbols of motherhood and care.

Pregnant people frequently dream of whales, so their subconscious may be preparing them for what is to come. These dreams come as a good omen for the dreamer. They are a sign of the good that comes with motherhood.

These dreams also prepare the mind concerning the responsibility to expect. Being a mother means you not only care about yourself alone anymore but also for the child. It serves as preparation and warning to take up the mantle in the future.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Whales

Whales are mesmerizing, both in real life and in dreams. They are a symbol of the emotional state that the dreamer is in.

While in most cases, whale dreams represent tranquility and change in the right direction, they could also serve as a warning. A warning that you are avoiding something.

One interesting thing about these whales’ dreams is their frequency of occurrence during pregnancies. In this state, they represent fertility and responsibility.

Half of the time, if you have whale dreams, it is a reason to be excited: their deep spiritual significance.

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