What Does It Mean When Dream About Getting a Tattoo

Most people spend two hours dreaming at night, but what does it mean? A dream about a tattoo typically relates to your ability to bounce back from struggles.

Like most dreams, you need to focus on the details to interpret them. What is the tattoo? Did you want the tattoo? Was it painful? Here are the different types of tattoo dreams and their meanings.

Meanings of Getting a Tattoo in a Dream

Here are the various meanings of getting a tattoo.

Getting Tattoo on Arm

If you dream about getting a tattoo on your arm, this indicates immortality. Perhaps you’ve risen to a higher level within your social sphere or feel more confident in your daily life.

Now that you have an elevated sense of self-esteem and self-worth [1], you may be questioning what you want to do with your life.

This dream may also express your desire to stand out. What is the significance of the tattoo you got?

Getting a Tattoo on Leg

A dream about getting a tattoo on your leg indicates inner turmoil. This dream reminds you to be more aware of what’s happening around you. Perhaps, you need to open up to someone about a specific situation, whether a close friend or a professional.

Alternatively, a leg tattoo dream may indicate that you’re struggling in one of your relationships. Does the tattoo you got in your dream apply to a situation or someone in your life?

Getting a Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos while dreaming suggest you will soon receive abundance, wealth, growth, or more happiness surrounding one of your main goals in life.

Look at your hand as a metaphor. You are taking matters into your own hands and letting your intuition guide your life’s journey. Even if others judge you for your decisions, trust your gut; it will pay off soon.

This type of dream may also represent your intellect or desire to have more power or influence in your life. In this case, this is a sign to trust your heart more often.

Getting a Tattoo on Back

Back tattoos symbolize memories you try to “turn your back on.” Looking at the tattoo you chose while dreaming can help you to determine which memories you are avoiding.

Alternatively, this dream may suggest that you are neglecting someone in your life that you’d like to reconnect with again. Who have you considered reaching out to but continue to avoid?

Lastly, back tattoos may represent a bad omen. It may indicate that you’ll need a trusted friend or family member to help you through a challenge.

Getting a Tattoo and Regretting It

If you dreamt you got a tattoo and then regretted it, this indicates that you need to be more economical. You may have been compromising your values.

Regretting a tattoo within a dream may also signify that you are overcoming challenges and reaching new heights in your career or other areas of life. You want someone to recognize your efforts.

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Getting a Bad Tattoo

If you got a bad tattoo in your dream, this indicates it’s time for a spiritual transformation. Choose your words more carefully and keep your emotions in check.

This type of dream may also suggest that you’re holding back your emotions. You need to be more aware of how you feel and manage your feelings wisely.

Getting a Tattoo on Face

Getting a tattoo on your face isn’t common, so this dream signifies your artistic and unique side. This type of dream also represents your attempt to appear like everything is okay, even though you’re struggling internally.

Reach out for help if you need it, and don’t feel ashamed. Talk to someone you trust if you feel alone or need help getting through a tough time.

Getting a Ladybug Tattoo

Ladybugs are an omen of good luck, so to dream that you are getting a ladybug tattoo signifies you’re in for a good surprise.

Perhaps you’re down on your luck and are looking for a sign of good news. This dream should motivate you to keep pushing forward and excited for what’s to come.

Getting a Dolphin Tattoo

Dreaming of getting a dolphin tattoo means you will soon see a loved one return from somewhere. Alternatively, this dream signifies that something has been holding you back or you’re rushing into something.

You may feel like you don’t have any support in your life. However, once you lean on those closest to you, you’ll see how many helpful people you have around you.

Getting a Face Tattoo

Dreaming of getting a face tattoo represents your values and beliefs. You may feel restricted or that you can’t freely express how you feel. Look to spiritual guidance to assist you in letting your emotions out; stop shoving them down.

This dream may also suggest that happiness and abundance are within reach. You must open your eyes to what’s in front of you and stop getting in your own way.

FAQs About Tattoo Dreams

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding a dream about a tattoo.

What’s the Biblical meaning of a tattoo in a dream?

Biblically, tattoo dreams suggest that you commit to your jobs, relationships, and other areas in your life. You follow your life’s path with faith and a desire to serve God.

The tattoo in your dream represents a decoration of God’s preservation that you always keep with you.

What’s the spiritual meaning of a tattoo in a dream?

Spiritually, dreaming of tattoos represents your individuality, willingness to stand out, or the desire to be more open with your uniqueness.

It may also suggest that you strongly desire to be different from everyone else.


Dreaming of tattoos can have various meanings depending on the type of tattoo and the location you get it on your body. Tattoos can represent your artistic side, unique self, or challenges you strive to overcome.

Consider the tattoo, if it hurts, how big it is, and where you got it on your body. Remembering these details will help guide you to the correct dream interpretation [2].

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