Dreams About Swimming in a Pool: Is It Good or Bad?

As a writer, I am always on the lookout for inspiration, and sometimes I find that in my dreams. I keep a journal on my nightstand and it is fascinating – and sometimes comical – to look through.

Do you ever dream about water? How about swimming pools? It’s surprisingly common.

Even people who don’t swim in their waking life can find themselves dreaming of water and swimming pools.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Swimming in a Pool?

Swimming pools in your dream can mean several things:

  • A new relationship
  • Experiencing change
  • Freedom
  • Financial success
  • Happiness
  • Emotions coming to the surface

Of course, this is just a summary. There are many factors in your swimming pool dream that can alter its meaning.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the details of a dream, but they play a significant role in your dream’s interpretation. The size, color, and location of the swimming pool in your dream all have meaning.

The Symbolism of Water

The most important element to your swimming pool dream is the water. Water is one of the most common occurrences in dreams.

Water is a very powerful symbol – often with deep spiritual meaning. It is interpreted as a reflection of our emotions.

Whether the water is dirty or clear as well as the color can affect the meaning of your dream; so can the level of the water. Was the pool full, partially filled, or empty in your dream?

We’ll discuss this more in the scenarios below.

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Interpretations of Dreams About Swimming in a Pool

Swimming Alone vs. Swimming with Someone Else

Whether you are alone or swimming with someone else can drastically change the interpretation of your dream. The meanings are completely different.

Swimming alone in your dream could be a reflection of past trauma hindering your ability to trust anyone. If you are swimming alone in a swimming pool it could also represent a situation where you feel trapped or upcoming changes in your life.

However, swimming with someone else reveals the deep connection you share with them. This is someone you trust and really care for.

Swimming with someone can also mean you’re going to look at things from a different perspective or step out of your comfort zone.

Inside vs. Outside Swimming Pools

Where was the pool located? If you can remember this detail of your dream it will be very helpful.

The location of the pool in your dream can play an important part in its interpretation. An inside pool can represent negative emotions or feeling stuck, while an outside pool symbolizes positive relationships – often romantic ones.

Dreaming of a pool at a hotel represents temporary struggles and feelings. If you have this dream, it can also mean that it’s a good time to start new projects.

Dirty vs. Clear Water

You hope that swimming pools have inviting, crystal-clear water, but our dreams don’t always show us what we want to see. Still, if you see dirty water in your dream it could reveal something important about your waking life.

Dirty water in a pool often represents worry and uncertainty. Possibly there’s a problem you’re facing when you’re awake where you feel ill-prepared or unmotivated.

Clear water is a symbol of good health.

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Jumping vs. Falling into a Swimming Pool

How did you enter the water? Did you jump or fall?

If you jump into a swimming pool, it could mean you are craving something different and need to shake up your routine. You could be discovering new things about yourself.

However, falling into a pool signals that you’ve lost control in your waking life. It’s time to find some balance.

Diving into a Swimming Pool

If you dive into the pool, it could mean that you are seeking freedom and relaxation. You’re possibly feeling constricted in your waking life. Diving could also reveal your rebellious side.

Floating in a Swimming Pool

My little slice of heaven is when my family is on vacation and staying at a hotel with a pool. I go to the pool late at night or early in the morning when no one else is there and float on my back. The quiet is so peaceful.

The interpretation isn’t as peaceful though. What does it mean if you float in a swimming pool in your dream? This could mean you need to work on some underlying self-esteem issues.

It could also mean you’re feeling restless.

Naked in a Swimming Pool

Feeling a little exposed in your dream? Nudity represents vulnerability.

If you are naked and alone in a swimming pool, it could signal that you’re dissatisfied or maybe feeling judged.

If you see naked men it symbolizes embarrassment while naked women represent a scandal.

If the dream is erotic, it represents relationships in your waking life.

Sharks in a Swimming Pool

Seeing a shark in your dream could be a warning of a threat or danger in your waking life. It could also reveal the darker side of your personality. Sharks and humans alike are known to be aggressive and intimidating.

Take a good look at your relationships. Is someone trying to do you harm? Is that you or someone else?

Sharks in a swimming pool often mean you’re having trouble expressing yourself, showing your true feelings, or confronting the problems you face when you’re awake.

An interesting little side note – many pregnant women have vivid dreams of sharks. This is most likely due to changes in hormones.

Snakes in a Swimming Pool

I’m not sure which is worse – seeing sharks in a pool or snakes.

If you see snakes in your dream, it can mean a couple of things. First, you’re struggling and it’s time to ditch a bad habit. Second, this dream could be exposing a fear you need to address.

Snakes can be scary but they might be pointing out areas of your life that need attention.

A Child Drowning in a Swimming Pool

As a nervous mother, this one gets to me – do you ever dream about a child drowning in a pool? In the summer when we visit family and friends with pools, you better believe I watch my six-year-old daughter’s every move.

Dreaming of a child drowning obviously reveals a fear of death, but what else could it mean? Feeling consumed or overwhelmed is often the culprit of these dreams.

Swimming in a Crowded Pool

Have you ever had a dream about a pool party? It’s actually a really good sign if you have one. Dreaming of a pool party represents the fun and enthusiasm you bring to the table in your waking life.

A crowded pool can also symbolize that you are making changes in your life. You may also meet new people in the near future.

Cleaning the Pool

Were you cleaning the pool in your dream? This can be a sign of growth. It’s about cleaning out your emotions and possibly avoiding harmful relationships.

woman swimming pool

Were you swimming in a pool on a hot day?

There’s nothing better than swimming in cool water on a hot day. Taking a dip in a pool with sunshine and blue skies represents peace. This is a dream of joy and confidence.

What if you’re at the bottom of the pool?

If you are at the bottom of the pool in your dream, take notice. This could mean that challenges and tough decisions are ahead.

Was the swimming pool full, half-full, or empty?

A full swimming pool represents detachment. You’re free of stress and emotion, maybe even numb.

If the pool is partially filled, there are underlying problems and uncertainty in a relationship. Pay attention to those close to you.

An empty pool means you are overwhelmed and can’t see a way out. Find a way to seek peace and balance.

FAQs About Swimming Dreams

What does it mean to dream of a green pool?

Green water in a swimming pool represents excitement. Maybe some new adventures are in store. A green pool in your dream means you’re craving freedom.

What’s the spiritual meaning of a swimming pool in a dream?

Water is significant in spiritual symbolism. It is used to cleanse the body as well as the soul. Water often represents our emotions.

Dreaming about a swimming pool can mean that you’re trapped spiritually and seeking enlightenment.

What’s the biblical meaning of a swimming pool in a dream?

Although it doesn’t mention swimming pools, the bible does make quite a few references to water. In the bible, water can represent troublesome times but also cleansing. It is a symbol of renewal and purification.

Is it good to see water in dreams?

Dreaming about water can be very revealing – in a good way. Water often represents our emotions and subconscious so if you see it in a dream, it may help you connect with your feelings lurking just under the surface.

Water signifies many positive experiences including cleansing, renewal, and enlightenment. If you see water in your dream it’s most likely a good sign.

Final Thoughts

In general, dreams about swimming pools are exposing our emotions and are usually a sign of good things to come. Even if your dream was a negative experience, it often reveals areas of your life that need attention, which could have a very positive outcome.

If you are interested in dream interpretations, keep a dream journal and write down all the details you can remember. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself.

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