15 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About the Same Person

Dreaming about the same person could mean that you miss them, you love them, they remind you of someone else, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered what the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person was, read on to find out.

Why Are You Dreaming About the Same Person?

Dreams help process and integrate your daily experiences, as well as your emotions, thoughts, opinions, fears, attitudes, and so on.

When there are recurring themes and images, your dreams may feel even more significant, making you want to understand their true meaning.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About the Same Person

It’s helpful to see what some potential spiritual meanings might be and use your intuition to see which meaning best aligns with how you truly feel [1].

Here are 11 spiritual meanings for why you might be dreaming about the same person.

1. You Are Already Bonded With This Person

Sometimes we dream about someone when there’s absolutely nothing wrong or nothing we need to share, but we are just spiritually bonded with this person.

If we spend a lot of time with someone, they may end up in our dreams because our dreams are often a reflection of our thoughts and spiritual energy. And even if you don’t see them in person, you can still be very spiritually bonded with this person.

2. You Are Worried About This Person’s Well-being

You may also be dreaming about someone recurrently because you are worried about them for some reason or another. Maybe you are concerned about their mental well-being, spiritual journey, or physical health.

Your dreams might convey this concern more vividly to you to get you to take action.

3. You Have an Upcoming Decision To Make

make decision

Sometimes we dream about someone to prompt us to make a decision [2] about something. This is especially the case when we dream about a stranger or someone we don’t know very well.

A stranger also represents the unknown, which could be the very reason you have delayed your decision.

Instead of allowing the “stranger” to hang around without your knowledge of who they “are,” you can decide to “meet the stranger.” In other words, you can face the unknown.

4. You Are Grieving a Loss

When you are grieving you miss your loved ones dearly and want them to be a part of your life. Plus you are thinking about them to a great extent, so they may end up in your dreams.

Some spiritual leaders believe that if the experience feels exceptionally real, then it probably is. This person could be visiting you through your dreams.

5. You’re Feeling Nostalgic

You may dream of a childhood friend, which could signify either missing that friend or missing the type of life you had when you were friends with them.

A nostalgic dream may be a sign that it’s time to bring back these childhood memories and incorporate aspects of childhood into your life.

6. You Have Unresolved Conflict

If you’re dreaming about someone you currently have conflict or issues with, it may mean you need to talk things out, resolve some issues, and restore peace.

This dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be friends with this person anymore, but just that there needs to be some sense of closure so you can both move on with grace.

7. You’re Missing This Person

Missing someone is one of the top reasons you might be dreaming about someone. If you can still connect with them in person, you should use this dream as a sign to reach out.

8. You’re in Need of Advice

If you’re repeatedly dreaming of an authority figure, this might signify that you are looking for advice.

This advice might come to you within your dreams if you are open to hearing it. Otherwise, you can use the dream as a sign to seek the right support, advice, or spiritual guidance in waking life.

9. You’re Attracted to This Person

Another top reason for dreaming about someone is that you like them, admire them, or are in love with them.

When you’re attracted to someone, it’s hard to stop thinking about them. Therefore, it only makes sense why this person might end up in your dreams.

10. There’s Something About This Person That You Desire

If you are not romantically or otherwise attracted to someone but keep dreaming about them, then there might be something about the person you desire.

11. You Need to Share Something With This Person

Perhaps you keep having someone show up in your dreams because there’s something you need to share with this person. Use the dreams as a sign to self-reflect, figure out what needs to be said, and say it.

Meanings of Different Occasions

dream about same person

There are four common occasions regarding recurring dreams about the same person:

1. Dreaming About the Same Person Twin Flame

You might dream about the person because you believe they are your twin flame. A twin flame means that a soul has been split into two, so you share the same soul as this person.

2. Dreaming About the Same Person Romantically

Similar to a twin flame, you might be dreaming about the same person romantically. Whether you share the same soul, you may still be soulmates with this person, meaning your souls were meant to meet in this life.

3. Dreaming About the Same Person Every Night

If you’re repeatedly dreaming about the same person, it’s important not to brush this off. Whatever your dream is trying to convey to you is significant given the time you spend dreaming about this person.

4. Dreaming About Someone You Love

Finally, you could dream about someone you love, romantically or not. This person could be a family member, best friend, or else. Use these dreams as signs to express that love in waking life.

FAQs About Same Person Dreams

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding dreaming about the same person.

Is it true that if you see someone in your dream, they miss you?

If you see someone in your dream, it could mean that you miss them, they miss you, or both.

It’s not easy to tell whether it’s because they miss you, and you might need to consult with a professional psychic to confirm or deny it.

If you’re dreaming about someone, are they dreaming about you?

It is not 100% guaranteed that if you are dreaming about someone, they are dreaming about you too. Either ask this person or see if a professional psychic can help you with this answer.

How do you know if someone misses you spiritually?

You’ll know if someone misses you spiritually if they show up in your dream and your dream feels very close to real life. That might mean they are visiting you in your dream.

Use your intuition to decide whether they miss you, or consult a psychic if you need help.

Final Thoughts

If you’re dreaming about the same person repeatedly, there’s probably a deeper reason why. Perhaps you have certain emotions, thoughts, opinions, fears, or other forms of psychological and emotional energy towards that person in particular.

If you’re still confused about why you might be dreaming of someone, try Psychic Source [3] and let a professional psychic help you uncover the meaning.

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