Spiritual Meaning of Snake Bite in Dream

Snakes carry deep spiritual meanings like a rebirth, transformation, and fertility. So, then what does it mean if the snake bites you?

Dreams of a snake, or serpent, bite can signify hidden worries or fear that threaten you in your waking life.

The type of snake and place of the bite can give clues to its deeper spiritual meaning. Below is everything you need to know about the spiritual significance of a snake bite in a dream.

snake bite dream

Is a Snake Bite in a Dream Good or Bad?

The spiritual symbolism of snakes in dreams can be complicated because of positive and negative associations.

Consider your personal experience of snakes in your waking life and the type of snake and place it bit you in your dream.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a snake, this nightmare could be a symptom of stress or mental health disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder [1].

Different Snakes Bite Dream Spiritual Meanings

Here are some of the most common types of snakes and their spiritual meanings.

White Snake Bite

White represents peace, innocence, cleanliness, new beginnings, and purity. In Eastern cultures, white snakes are associated with death.

If a white snake bites you, this may indicate that you’re ready for a fresh start in an area of your life.

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Cobra Snake Bite

green snake

Buddhists and Hindus have a distinctive spiritual reverence for cobras. They believe that cobras eating their tale is a symbol of eternity.

Cobras can also represent creativity. If you dream that a cobra bites you, this may suggest that it’s time to take on challenges with a creative approach.

Black Snake Bite

Black symbolizes the subconscious, the unknown, mystery, darkness, death, and malice.

If you dream that a black snake bit you, it may reveal a fear impacting your life.

Golden Snake Bite

Gold represents spirituality, riches, and determination. A golden snake is a symbol of your accomplishments and achievements.

If a gold serpent sinks his teeth into you, this may indicate you have lost direction in your life and a sign to take more initiative.

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Small Snake Bite

Snakes can be hard to spot and even more challenging to see if they’re small. If a small snake bites you, this may symbolize a hidden threat or betrayal.

If a small snake bites you, this may reveal that you need to confront a situation or individual despite how uncomfortable you may feel.

Huge Snake Bite

Dreaming of a huge snake symbolizes good luck and the help of others. It can also suggest that you are in a good financial place and get rewarded for your abilities.

Alternatively, a giant snake biting you may indicate that people you see as friends act as foes behind your back.

Different Parts Spiritual Meanings

Depending on where the snake bites you in your dream, there are different spiritual meanings. Here are the most common body parts and their meanings.


If a snake bites your face while you’re dreaming, this represents vanity. It may signify that you have an unhealthy relationship with your external body.

Take some time to look inward and appreciate your spiritual beauty.


Dreaming that a snake bites your neck suggests you cannot be yourself or speak your truth because you fear rejection.

Perhaps there is someone in your life causing an emotional issue. Even if challenging, be true to what you think and feel.


Lips represent betrayal, and most of the time, this relates to a hidden fear. Though this isn’t necessarily true, you may worry that your partner is unfaithful.

Identify why you believe someone in your life is untrustworthy to you.

On the other hand, a snake biting your lips can indicate that you need to be more careful when choosing your words.


If you dream that a snake bites your left eye, this may suggest that you need to trust your gut and listen to intuition.

When you dream of a snake biting your right eye, this is bringing attention to the things in your life you are turning a blind eye to.


Dreaming that a snake bites your left arm reveals that a higher power is trying to bring your attention to your inner strength. Though you feel incapable, you’re stronger than you think.

If the snake latches down on your right arm, this symbolizes that you are being too prideful and not vulnerable enough. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

Left Hand

Your left hand represents your internal knowing. If a snake bites your left hand, this suggests there is something about yourself you haven’t seen in the past.

Left hands also symbolize receiving. A snake bite, on this hand, may indicate that you’re suspicious or fearful when receiving from others.

Right Hand

While the left hand represents your inner knowing, your right hand symbolizes outer clarity. Consider all the details in your dream, including the color of the snake and any people around.

Alternatively, the right hand is the giving hand. So, a bite on this hand may suggest that you are worried about giving too freely or someone taking advantage of your generosity.


Because your heart sits within your chest, a bite to this area of the body symbolizes relationships you have with others and with yourself.

A snake biting your chest can signify that you’re afraid of commitment or are anxious about opening your heart to someone.


Your left leg symbolizes inner growth, while your right leg refers to outer change. If the snake sinks fangs into your left leg, it may indicate a lack of spiritual growth.

When the fangs land on the right leg, you are unsure which direction to take in life.

Your guardian angels are trying to send a message to turn to spirituality and tap into what you truly desire out of life.


Your right foot symbolizes values imposed on you by outside influences, while your left foot is associated with alignment with your higher purpose.

If a snake bites your right foot, you should re-evaluate your beliefs to determine if they’re genuinely aligned. When the snake attacks your left foot, it’s time to revisit your core values.

FAQs About Dreaming of Snake Bite

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the spiritual meaning of a snake bite in a dream.

What does a snake bite in a dream mean in Hindu astrology?

In Hindu mythology, seeing a snake in your dream represents fear and trouble. If the snake bites you, this is a lucky sign. Dreaming of killing a snake, however, is unlucky.

What does a snake bite in a dream mean in the Bible?

Biblically, dreaming that a snake bites you indicates that something has invaded your body and has stolen your virtues.


Snake bites take on various meanings depending on your view of snakes, the type of snake, and where the snake bites you.

Take in all of your dream’s details to get the best idea of the spiritual meaning of the snake biting you.

Also, consider your feelings and goals as dreams can be manifestations of your anxieties or desires [2].

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