Does Dreaming of Poop Mean Money?

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According to many dream interpreters, dreaming of poop is a good sign. While it might seem like an unpleasant dream, dreaming of taking a shit can mean that financial success or a financial windfall is on the way.

Does Dreaming of Poop Mean Money?

Often, but not always. Generally, poop in dreams is a metaphor for money. However, it depends on the specifics of the dream. For example, did you poop in public, or did you find poop on your hand?

Following are interpretations of common dreams involving pooping.

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping in a Dream

It’s important to remember that even if the poop in your dream means money, it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, it could mean that you will lose money.

Pooping in Public

Pooping in public is pretty embarrassing! Frequently, it means you lack self-confidence or recently felt self-conscious in a public setting.

This dream can also appear a few days before an event for which you have social or public speaking anxiety. You should work on increasing your self-confidence [1].

Wiping Your Poop

Wiping your poop in a dream can have many meanings. Most likely, you’re trying to eliminate something that adds confusion or discomfort to your life. Something is making your life messy, and you don’t like it.

Often, the unrest comes from unwanted emotions, such as feelings towards someone you’d rather not have – whether positive (such as love) or negative [2] (anger or hate).

Pooping in Front of Others

If you dream of pooping in front of others with no shame, you have already reached a high level of self-confidence.

You have no problem acknowledging your faults and negative sides and being vulnerable about them without ruining your self-esteem.

It can also mean that you will become well-known as a rich person.

Dog Poop

Dreaming of dog poop is generally a good sign. It typically signifies success in your business ventures.

However, if you dreamt of your dog pooping in your shoes or on your clothes, it could mean you feel like someone close to you is disrespecting you. Often, it’s a romantic partner.

Pooping in Your Pants

Pooping in your pants can mean that you are feeling inferior in some way. Perhaps your adult responsibilities are stressing you out, and you feel inadequate in your ability to handle them, so you poop in your pants like a child.

It could also mean that you care too much about what others think.

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Poop in Your Hand

Since poop often signifies money in dreams, dreaming of poop in your hand while feeling disgusted means you know you are getting some of your income by harming others.

Perhaps you are using unethical business practices, for example.

Poop on Floor

Poop on the floor often means that you have a lot of money coming your way. It could mean you will get so rich that you won’t mind if money falls on the floor.

You won’t even feel a need to pick it up due to your abundance.

Poop in Toilet

Poop in a toilet can signify financial stress.

You might feel like all your hard work is going down the drain because your business ventures are not paying off or your job doesn’t pay you a fair wage. If you don’t have financial stress, it could signify a big financial loss coming up.

It could also mean that you’re letting go of negative emotions.

Poop in Your Mouth

This dream could be a spiritual warning that you are gluttonous. If you are well-off, it could be a warning sign that you’re not giving enough to charity.

Instead, you are stuffing yourself with luxury, even when you don’t need it.

Pooping the Bed

Pooping the bed could mean that money will start coming to you easily very soon. It could also mean that you’re lazy.

Perhaps there are responsibilities you need to take care of but don’t want to. You’d rather poop on your bed than go to the bathroom and do things the right way.

Poop Everywhere

If there is poop everywhere, you will soon find yourself surrounded by luxury. You will experience success in any business venture you try.

It’s an excellent time to buy a lottery ticket, but money comes from hard work – always remember that.

Baby Poop in Diaper

If it’s an unknown baby, it could mean that significant changes are coming your way. If it’s your baby in your dream, but you don’t have one in real life, the same meaning applies.

If it’s your baby – and you do have a baby in real life – you may be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for them. If you are the baby, you may be feeling like you can’t take care of yourself.

Black Poop

Poop is usually brown [3]. If you dream of black poop, you need to change something. You feel like something is wrong with the direction your life is heading.

Eating Poop

The meaning of this dream depends on your feeling about it. If you are happy eating poop, you will experience success, which being well-fed signifies.

However, if you feel disgusted, it means that something is bothering you. Perhaps you need to change your diet in real life.

Smelling Poop

If you can’t see poop but can smell it, it means there is the potential for money, but it’s not a guarantee.

If you work hard and think of a good business idea, you can make it. Luck is on your side, but there will be nobody doing any of the hard work for you.

Stepping in Poop

Stepping in poop can signify repressed anger. However, it can also be a prediction that you will soon come across a business opportunity that will be very successful.

Watch out for business ideas over the next few days or weeks.

Biblical Meaning of Poop in Dream

Dream often signifies waste. What does that have to do with money? Money is often considered a waste. Money doesn’t bring you happiness; it’s a means to reach a goal, not an end goal in and of itself.

However, poop in dreams can also signify negative emotions or bad habits.


Dreaming of poop can mean many things. It does frequently signify money, but not always in a good way. Try to remember the specifics of your dream and draw your conclusion from the interpretations above.

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