What’s the Meaning of Owl in a Dream?

Owls tend to represent mystery, wisdom, night, and death. Some species of owls are believed to be shape-shifters or have direct connections to death and the afterlife.

Seeing an owl in your dream can symbolize many things. It is best to think of the context surrounding the owl’s appearance to get the best interpretation of its significance.

What Does Dreaming of an Owl Mean?

The symbolic meaning of an owl in your dream can vary based on the context and species of owl present.

Because of the different meanings given to each species of owl, the type of owl you saw in your dream can determine the exact meaning.

White Owl in Dream

A white owl can be a good omen in the right context.

A white owl observing you or perching nearby can mean you are on the path to discovering a deeper understanding of yourself. The owl is a spirit of wisdom who waits for you to learn your inner truth.

If the owl is flying away from you or does not seem to observe you, perhaps you are burying your true self under a facade. Think deeply about who you are and if the choices you are making reflect that.

Yellow Owl in Dream

Yellow can be a sign of caution. Paired with the mystery and wisdom of the owl, this can be a sign that something is not being portrayed truthfully.

You may subconsciously be aware of this, but try to consciously ignore the odd feeling a situation or person may be giving you.

Though this may not always be a sign of malicious intent, take this image as a sign to trust any gut feelings you may have.

Brown Owl in Dream

A brown owl may symbolize what is common and underappreciated. This unassuming color can often be looked over in favor of brighter or rarer colors.

The brown owl can represent your self and well-being. Its presence may signify that you have neglected yourself in pursuit of an impossible or hard-to-obtain goal.

Barn Owl in Dream

Barn owls can be signs of perseverance. The barn owl is patient and methodical, and seeing one in your dream may signify the need for more patience.

Great Horned Owl in Dream

The Great Horned Owl is believed to be dangerous and powerful [1]. If the “horns” on the owl in your dream are exaggerated, it may be a symbol of something evil or dangerous.

Dreaming of this owl can mean that you are going down a path that may lead to misfortune or the symbolic death of a habit or way of thinking. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions.

Is something festering in you? Watch for paths of negative thinking that may lead to self-destruction. Examine your actions–have you been mistreating those close to you?

Dream of Owl in a House

Take note of the condition of the house. Is the house dilapidated, or is it pristine? An owl in your childhood home may represent a forgotten joy or the death of a childhood belief.

Seeing an owl in a ruined house can symbolize a destructive belief—is there a negative opinion you’ve been treating as fact?

Injured Owl in Dream

Seeing an injured owl in your dream can symbolize a dire consequence arising from your actions or beliefs.

The injury to the owl means the consequence is related to your knowledge, pursuit of knowledge, or a lack of awareness.

Are you pursuing knowledge by harming others? Have you been apathetic or ignored learning something that would benefit others?

Dream of Owl Staring at You

An owl looking at you is observing. Something you have done or a path you are about to take is either leading you towards wisdom or causing you to ignore knowledge.

Think about the color of the owl and its behavior. Is it looking on with acceptance and pride, or have you drawn its ire?

Dream of Eating Owl

An owl eating can be a sign of conquest or success.

If the owl is bloody and eating violently, this conquest may have come at the cost of a belief or your values. A clean kill means you succeeded tactfully.

Dream of Killing an Owl

If you kill an owl in your dream, you have turned your back on wisdom or are denying reality. If you have lost someone close to you, this may be a sign that you aren’t acknowledging your grief.

You may also be going down a path against better judgment. Have you shunned the knowledge of past experiences? Are you entering a relationship and ignoring red flags?


Spiritual Meaning of Owl in Dream

In Western culture, the owl is typically [2] a symbol of wisdom and guidance. Owls can commonly be symbols of night and mystery.

In Native American and African cultures, owls are often tied to death and seen as bad omens or spirits. In East Asia, on the other hand, owls are symbols of good luck and fortune.

Owl Dream Meaning in Hindu

The owl has a dual meaning [3] in the Hindu religion. It is first seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, luck, and fortune.

The goddess Lakshmi has the owl as her vahana (the animal a Hindu deity uses as a mount or vehicle). At the same time, owls are associated with evil times and are believed to be messengers of death.

FAQs About Owl in Dream

Here are the most common questions people ask about dreaming about owls.

What’s the biblical meaning of owl in dream?

In the Bible, the owl is a bird of ruins [4]. Its terrifying cries call out in the night near desolated civilizations. Several species of owl are on the lists of abominations.

Is seeing an owl in your dream good or bad?

Seeing an owl in your dream can be either, and often it is the situation of the owl that alerts you to its symbolism.

Does seeing an owl mean death?

Hearing the sound of an owl is commonly thought to mean someone (possibly the person who hears it) is going to die.

Seeing an owl may be believed to bring misfortune as well, and some owls in particular (such as the Great Horned Owl) are very dangerous to witness.


There are many meanings owls can have in dreams. Keep in mind that dreams are not always clear. Sometimes dreams may have no definite meaning at all.

If you feel that a particular dream was significant, paying attention to possible signs can help guide you towards the meaning.

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