13 Spiritual Meanings of Not Dreaming

star nebula

If you are a person who has always dreamed and suddenly stopped, not dreaming can feel jarring and upsetting. If you don’t frequently dream while everyone around you seems to, it can seem strange not to dream like everyone else. Today we’ll explore spiritual meanings for not dreaming so you can better understand your situation. …

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What Does an Elevator Mean in a Dream?

elevator dreams

Sometimes, dreams are simply an arrangement of our thoughts from the day or experiences at night. However, recurring dreams, vivid dreams, or dreams we remember can stick with us far beyond waking up. These dreams have meanings and symbolism and can represent issues in our everyday lives. If you’ve dreamed of being in an elevator, …

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What Do Dreams About the End of the World Mean?

end of world dream

Have you had a dream about the end of the world? The experience might have deeply troubled you. It may have even felt like a nightmare. While your dreams can be random, they can also draw from your waking life to convey unconscious anxieties. We researched five different meanings of apocalyptic dreams and how different …

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Dreaming of a Vampire Interpretation: Meanings Behind This

vampire dream

Dreams can have a significant impact on a person’s happiness. Sometimes, the meaning of a dream can add to a person’s peace of mind. Dreaming about vampires, in particular, can be stressful, but interpreting what your dreams are trying to tell you can help lessen any worry. Below are some tools to help you understand …

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Spiritual/Biblical Meaning of Positive Pregnancy Test Dream

positive pregnancy test meaning

If you’re like most people, you probably associate dreams with the subconscious mind and what’s going on in your life when you’re not consciously aware. However, some believe dreams can also be prophetic or carry messages from a higher power. So what does it mean if you dream of taking a positive pregnancy test? While there …

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Dreaming of Earthquake? Meanings (Biblical/Spiritual) to Know

ground earthquake

If you dream about an earthquake, the odds are that it’s not just a coincidence. The dream is likely trying to tell you something specific. For example, maybe you feel some anxiety over how your life is going. Perhaps you feel like things are falling apart. But you can’t put your finger on exactly why. …

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Does Dreaming of a Wedding Mean Death?

wedding dream meaning

Planning your wedding day is one of the highlights of a lifetime. It’s often a day you fantasize about, from the gown, cake, and flowers to the music and guest list. No doubt about it, you may even dream about the big day. If you believe in wise tales, you might be wondering, does dreaming …

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Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Menstrual Blood in a Dream

menstrual blood dream meaning

Here is an overview of the spiritual meaning of menstrual blood in a dream. Key Takeaways Different cultures and spiritual practices interpret menstrual blood dream meaning in several ways. For example, Hinduism views menstrual blood in dreams as a sign of positive change. There are eleven general spiritual meanings that dreaming of menstrual blood can …

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