What’s the Meaning When You Dream About War?

dream of war

It is not uncommon to experience a dream about war. It is usually a negative sign with great symbolism, especially if you are young. Typically, you dream about a war when you are stressed or feel a burden is weighing you down. Dreams about war have different meanings, and this piece will explore all of …

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What Does Dream Of Being a Passenger in an Airplane Mean?

airplane dream

Dreaming is among the most mysterious human functions, and science continues to seek explanations for the complex images and patterns our brains create when we are asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most people dream four to six times a night—nearly two hours of consecutive dreaming. It should be no surprise that dream analysis …

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What Does Bathroom Dream Meaning?

bathroom dreams

While bathroom dreams may seem odd, they often have positive associations. The toilet can represent your ability to flush away negativity from your life and feel comfortable. This article discusses the meaning of bathroom dreams and discusses various types of bathroom dreams you may encounter. Also Reading What Does It Mean When Dreaming About a …

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What Does It Mean When Dreaming About a Hotel

hotel dreams

Dreaming about hotels or being in a hotel is common during transition periods in your life. If you have recurring dreams about hotels, it may reflect your waking life. The condition of the hotel has a lot to do with how your subconscious feels, and this article will discuss several meanings behind specific hotel dreams. …

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What’s the Flood Dream Meaning? Is It Good or Bad?

flood dream

Dreams of a tsunami crashing into the places you hold dearest and decimating the foundation can be terrifying. Similarly, water rushing into every corner of your home, destroying the most precious of books and photographs, and filling the lungs of your pets, can be severely disturbing imagery. Thankfully, dreams of water-related tragedies like floods do …

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Does Dreaming of Poop Mean Money?

poop dream

Short Answer According to many dream interpreters, dreaming of poop is a good sign. While it might seem like an unpleasant dream, dreaming of taking a shit can mean that financial success or a financial windfall is on the way. Does Dreaming of Poop Mean Money? Often, but not always. Generally, poop in dreams is …

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What Does It Mean When Dream About Getting a Tattoo

getting a tattoo dream

Most people spend two hours dreaming at night, but what does it mean? A dream about a tattoo typically relates to your ability to bounce back from struggles. Like most dreams, you need to focus on the details to interpret them. What is the tattoo? Did you want the tattoo? Was it painful? Here are …

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What Does Dreaming of a Funeral Mean?

funeral dream

According to polls, approximately 20% of people remember their dreams each night. At some point, most people want to know whether a dream has a meaning or if it results from external circumstances like bad food or a movie they watched before sleeping. Dream interpretation has many theories, from psychological analysis to religious and spiritual …

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What Do Fat Dreams Mean? The Meanings Are Not That Bad!

fat dream

Do you ever have dreams of being overweight, even though you’re not in real life? You’re not alone. Fat dreams are common, and they can mean a lot of different things. Keep reading to learn more about what fat dreams might mean for you. Also Reading What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually/Biblically? Spiritual …

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What’s the Meaning of Dreaming of Sweets?

sweets dream

Dreams of sweets often involve happy, positive emotions. They can signify that you are delighted with your life or that something good is about to happen. However, there are other interpretations of dreaming of sweets as well. Dreaming of eating sweets could suggest that you are indulging in too many guilty pleasures or that you …

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