Dreaming About a Haunted House: What Does It Mean?

haunted house dream

If you are a fan of horror movies and scary things, you have likely seen one about ghosts and haunted houses. In popular secular culture, haunted houses have been glorified as the epitome of scariness. But the question is, should you be worried if you have dreams about haunted houses? Dreams about haunted houses are …

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What Do Dreams About Tsunamis Mean to You?

tsunami dream

Have you heard about Lituya Bay in Alaska? Or the Karrat Fjord in Greenland? These are some of the deadliest tsunamis recorded in the history of existence. Tsunamis are some of the deadliest natural disasters in the world. The meaning of your tsunami dreams also causes great concern when they occur. These dreams have long …

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Dreaming of Big Waves: What’s the Meaning?

ocean waves

Dreaming of big waves may strike you as a scary dream, and rightfully so. Such a dream can scare the inner child in you unless you are a surfing enthusiast. But what do these big waves of dreams symbolize? Are they just the creativity of your mind, or do they carry meaning? This article looks …

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Find the Hidden Meanings Behind Your Dragon Dreams


Dragon dreams are associated with a certain creativity in communicating different meanings. These dreams harbor a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings. To understand the dragon dreams, you must relate them to actual happenings in your waking world. There are various interpretations of these dreams. Dragon dreams can symbolize your independence, a warning of anger, …

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Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Dreaming About Miscarriage

miscarriage dream

Whether you are pregnant or not, man or woman, a dream concerning a miscarriage comes with great discomfort. Even in a dream, a whirlwind of emotions will affect you psychologically. Can you imagine how that would feel? Dreams of miscarriages are horrifying but not unlikely. People dream of these either to themselves or to others …

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Interpretation of Dreams About Car Being Stolen

car robbery

People develop a close attachment to their cars these days. They become more than just transport means, but personal belongings of luxury and pride. Because of these reasons, losing your car to theft is a near-traumatizing event. Dreams are no less terrifying; if you happen to dream of your car being stolen, there is a …

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The Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Car Accident Dream

men accident cars

Dreams carry meanings, at least most of the time. And living in a world where road accidents are a common phenomenon, none of us are a hundred percent safe. The dream can be scary because of the possibility in real life. Based on how they happen, car accident dreams may carry messages. Either a premonitory, …

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What Does It Mean to Dream of Crystals?

crystals dreams

In this article, we’ll talk about the meanings when you dream of crystals. Western psychology suggests that dreaming is a process that allows us to make sense of our memories. When we sleep, our minds take elements from our waking experience and line them up with subconscious memories. This is also a space where the …

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What Does It Mean When Dream About Cereal?

cereal dream

Cereal may be a great way to start your morning, but you probably don’t assume it has many associated meanings. Nevertheless, if you dream about cereal, there could be various reasons. This article will discuss several prominent reasons behind dreaming about cereal, so you can understand the meaning behind your breakfast-related subconscious visions. Also Reading …

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Electricity?

electricity dream

Whether you remember your dreams or not, we all dream when we’re asleep. Many scientists believe that dreams are your subconscious’s way of communicating with you. Dreams are often a metaphor that our brain creates when processing the events going on in our lives. That’s why dreams sometimes seem strange or don’t always make logical …

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