Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Dreaming About Miscarriage

Whether you are pregnant or not, man or woman, a dream concerning a miscarriage comes with great discomfort.

Even in a dream, a whirlwind of emotions will affect you psychologically. Can you imagine how that would feel?

Dreams of miscarriages are horrifying but not unlikely. People dream of these either to themselves or to others close to them. When these dreams come, they often carry meanings behind them.

Spiritual Meanings of Miscarriage in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of miscarriages is neither superstitious nor farfetched. They have a symbolism attached to them that can be interpreted as real-life circumstances.

There is a fine line between the spiritual meanings and waking world realities. However, from what we discuss, you will realize the similarities support the logic of these interpretations。

Time is Not Yet Right

Even in dreams, miscarriages are not to be taken lightly. They cause a lot of torment and emotional torture when they occur.

In the Spiritual realm, miscarriages are considered ways through which the unborn child’s soul tells the parent the time is not right.

Unbroken Ties and Patience

The pain endured is because it is impossible to break ties between the mother and the miscarried unborn child. This subject is delicate and carries soul ties to the unborn child.

If the parent is not ready to bear a child for some reason, the dream about a miscarriage informs them of patience.

Delayed (Not Denied) Rewards

Some would write of the spiritual meaning of miscarriage as a superstition. But there is an element of truth in it.

Children are viewed as blessings that come when we are ready to receive them. Therefore, the dream does not mean a permanent inability to give life. In time, the ability will be reinstated to the dreamer.


Dreams about miscarriages do not necessarily have to be about losing an unborn child.

Sometimes they relate to you going through a very traumatizing stage of your life. You may have lost something irreplaceable and are suffering because of this loss.

The spiritual lesson of learning to handle ourselves in loss is essential. We are bound to lose something or someone in life. Understanding grief and the stages of grief is paramount for healing and recovery.

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Biblical Meanings of Miscarriage

The Bible recognizes life to begin in the mother’s womb before the child is born. It is written that God took care of human life when it formed in the womb. Therefore, we should also view the unborn baby as a person.


The Bible describes miscarriage as a suffering loss.

In Romans, the Bible speaks of how God has no plan for us to suffer such losses. While it is painful, the Biblical perspective encourages us not to question why God allowed it to happen.

The dream of a miscarriage creates a sense that something precious is being ripped from your hands before it begins.


There is nothing harsher than the tribulations of a miscarriage. Yet the biblical teaching is that all problems, regardless of how gut-wrenching, shall pass.

If you have experienced or dreamt of a miscarriage, the Bible teaches in Romans that the challenges will pass.

Yet, with all this encouragement, it cannot be ignored that the challenge exists and may cause you to question faith, happiness, and fate.


Have you ever borne strong anticipation for something, then it fails to come through?

The aftermath of this disappointment leaves you questioning yourself, your God, and everything you hold dear. The Bible acknowledges this pain and teaches how God feels our pains.

It is a normal human reaction to feel dismayed when such life-changing things occur. But disappointment does not mean permanent denial.


In the face of loss, there can either be despair or redemption.

In both the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations, it is written that any parent who suffers a miscarriage should have the hope that one day they will reunite with their unborn child.

The Bible thus offers the redeeming assumption that the loss of a miscarriage is not a permanent state. You can hang on to the hope of someday receiving that which you have lost.

Interpretations of the Dreams of Miscarriage

You may realize that these dreams of miscarriage mean more than just the loss of an unborn child. They signify losses of projects, ideas, opportunities, and love.

We will review some interpretations to paint a clearer road map to understanding your dreams.

Miscarriage and Blood While Pregnant

There is disharmony and strife at a crucial moment in your life. You are likely at a stage in your life where something big is coming.

If you embarked on a new journey almost bearing fruit, there are people or factors looking to steal the light from underneath you. If you have such a dream, caution is the best strategy.

The blood in this dream is a symbol of danger. Both you and your dream are in an endangered situation that could cause irreversible loss. You must be careful of your actions and environment to protect yourself from loss.

Miscarriage but Not Pregnant

Even when you are not pregnant, the dream of a miscarriage will shake you to the core.

This dream is deemed to be a revelation of fears and insecurity. You are afraid to start something out because you think it will fail. This sort of fear robs you of the opportunities for success.

It is said you miss 100% of the chances not taken. You have your insecurities which guarantee failure. This message is concisely revealed through the dream. While it may seem scary, it serves as a push away from your comfort zone.

Miscarriage in Toilet

There is something unique about this combination. Not that it is any less traumatizing, but because of what it symbolizes. The miscarriage symbolizes agony and pain, while the toilet is seen as a symbol of emotional release.

This dream means that you will suffer a loss for some time in your life, but in the long run, you will receive your redemption. Loss is painful and difficult to escape, but you become stronger when you do. The emotional release will give you peace of mind.

Someone Having a Miscarriage

How would you break such news to the person you dreamt about? But before you run breaking the news, understand what it may mean.

Dream of someone having a miscarriage means the person is in possible danger but lacks the means of communicating their emotional feelings. This danger can vary, and it is up to you to find out what it is and how to help them.

The dream could also mean the person is in pain and has not revealed it to anyone else. They may be suffering from something already happening in the waking world.

If you have such a dream, do not take it lightly. It is your chance to offer a helping hand.

Islamic Interpretation of a Miscarriage in a Dream

In Islam, a miscarriage dream is seen as a result, not a cause. Being a result means the dream is an end caused by something. For instance, if one has such a dream, it is interpreted that they are suffering from a heaviness that could lead to loss.

Islam’s interpretation of the loss symbolized by miscarriage agrees with what we have discussed in the secular and biblical world. The loss is not just tied to human life alone. It is about financial losses and professional and personal lives alike.

These dreams can also represent a hidden secret that has the potential to change lives. The unborn child had the potential to turn around the lives of the parents. However, with the miscarriage, it remains a mystery what these changes would have been.

In this explanation of Islam’s interpretation, it is evident that the borderline of these dreams is pain, suffering, and loss. These emotions related to dreams are universal regardless of gender or religion.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Miscarriage?

The agony and insecurity that comes with the thought of a miscarriage are unquestionable. Whether a man or woman, this is not a dream you want or wish on anyone else. What makes it scarier is the symbolism that miscarriage dreams carry.

The dream highlights the danger and fear of loss that you, as a dreamer, have in the waking world. These dreams represent the loss of a loved one, or an irreplaceable possession that comes at great personal torment to the dreamer.

In my opinion, these are nightmares, not dreams.

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