Meanings of Hummingbird Dreams, According to Dream Experts

Have you ever wondered why hummingbirds are considered totem animals? Though significantly smaller than most, these birds exude robustness that is not seen in most bird species. The hummingbird’s swiftness, aesthetic, and flirtatiousness are a figure of awe.

If you ever have dreams of hummingbirds, that is a good omen. Hummingbirds represent good fortune, efficiency, and charm. With all these impressive traits, the dreams of hummingbirds should be welcomed by any dreamer.

What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?

Hummingbird iconography is often tied down to its spiritual significance in most communities. Whenever hummingbirds come to mind, there is a universal assumption of a near-holy totem.

While every individual has connotations of the symbolism of their dreams, the hummingbird is a reputation for being the carrier of goodwill. The few things that come to mind when we speak of hummingbirds are vitality, agility, diversity, and vibrance.

What Does It Mean When You See Hummingbird in a Dream

Seeing a hummingbird in real life itself is a delight. Dreaming about a hummingbird brings joy because of its delightful nature and the meanings behind various hummingbird dreams.

Courage and Innovativeness

Small ideas can blossom into something beautiful if seen in the right light. The hummingbird has created a significant buzz about its sighting in dreams.

Despite the size of the bird, it has greater symbolism than most birds. As a result, dreams of hummingbirds could mean even the tinniest of ideas can grow and have tremendous impacts.

These dreams could encourage people with small ideas to take up the courage. It is the small ideas that bear beautiful things.


Our differences are a thing to be celebrated rather than reviled. Hummingbirds are known to visit flowers of different species, colors, and habitats. In a way, the bird does not discriminate the flower in its flight tours.

The dream is a perfect representation of our society. Whereas some features and traits make us different, the hummingbird symbolizes that we are all unique and important in our ways.


Hummingbirds are good agents of pollination in their desire to seek nectar. Through pollution, they ensure flowers grow and spread out, improving the quality of our ecological system.

In our dreams, ecology symbolizes our health, and the hummingbird is an agent of good health.

Energy and Agility

The energy you exude is a source of the good results you achieve. The hummingbird’s rapid flight is a cause for awe and great symbolism.

Despite being small, it works hard, and as a result, its impact is felt in the ecology through pollination. Like the bird, you can achieve so much by sheer will and effort.

These are but three of the most common ones. In our review, we will see various scenarios in which hummingbird dreams can carry invaluable meanings to us.

Interpretation of Hummingbird Dreams

Hummingbird in The House

You are holding your robust ideas hostage.

A hummingbird is an adventurous and spirited symbol. If your dream involves seeing it in the house, you have hardly taken the liberty to explore your passions. The dream is an encouragement to get out more.

This dream also takes a slight dig at timidity.

The hummingbird is small; you would expect it to be timid and reserved. However, the bird moves rapidly and over different areas in its flight. This is a feat that you should look to emulate.

Feeding a Hummingbird

hummingbird flower

You are focusing on your passion and putting in the hours to it.

A hummingbird’s role in pollination is fueled by its desire for nectar. The nectar symbolizes your passion and the pollution is the work you put in. Feeding the hummingbird is fueling your desire to pursue your passions.

The dream is also a sign of you fueling your freedoms.

The hummingbird does not limit itself to a particular species of flowers. As long as there is nectar, the bird will follow. Feeding the hummingbird shows your willingness to free yourself from limitations.

Green Hummingbird

green hummingbird

There is a need for you to put in more energy and effort.

The green hummingbird is a symbol of aggression and power. Consequently, if you dream of this particular bird, it may be a sign that you need an injection of strength into your recent commitments.

This dream is a means by which your subconscious communicates to you to empower yourself. It calls for more commitment to projects, relations, and tasks.

Blue Hummingbird

blue hummingbird

Although you are making efforts, a fear of being exposed is holding you back. The blue hummingbird often represents the love of life.

But when the bird appears in your dreams, it is a sign that you are holding back. Fear makes you miss out on the gratification you can achieve when you let go.

A blue hummingbird dream is a reminder that when you let go of fear, you can better explore who you are. By so doing, you enjoy a more quality life of self-discovery and confidence.

Red Hummingbird

The red hummingbird dream is a symbol of birth and renewal. Therefore, the dream relates to your ability to start fresh. Perhaps there is a new idea you have conceptualized? Or a new project you are preparing to start. This dream is a cue to push through with the new thing.

As part of the rebirth narrative, the red hummingbird dream suggests you do not attach too much concern to others’ perceptions of you. You have overcome the limitations of being over-engrossed with what others think. Instead, you chose to focus on yourself.

Yellow Hummingbird

yellow hummingbird

A yellow hummingbird is seen as a show of vigilance in your surroundings.

Dreaming about yellow hummingbird is a reminder to strategize your priorities. Beware of what is happening around you so that your decisions can generate the best outcome possible for yourself and those around you.

The dream could also allude to your inner growth.

You are likely going through a phase of self-discovery and development. Be vigilant of how these changes affect you and capture them in how you operate.

Purple Hummingbird

purple hummingbird

In your process of transitioning, you must remain cautious of every piece of information coming your way.

Dreaming of purple hummingbird is a subtle warning not to underestimate the risks presented in every development phase.

While these risks should not hinder you, they must be considered. The dream reminds you to listen to your intuition and remain grounded. It is by far the best way for you to grow.

Dead Hummingbird

If you’ve dreamt of a dead hummingbird, sorry, but you may have lost a decent opportunity.

A dead hummingbird in your dreams is considered a bad omen. It explores the possibility that you had a chance to do great things but hesitated and, as a result, lost your chance.

Similarly, the dream may translate to an inability to express your feelings effectively. This failure is causing a great struggle within you that cannot be reconciled by any other means. Unfortunately, since death is a permanent phase, your struggle may as well be lost.

What’s the Biblical Interpretation of a Hummingbird

The hummingbird is considered God’s little miracle. From its stature to its grace and symbolism, a hummingbird is a unique creation.

Through the hummingbird’s symbolism, the bible encourages certain virtues-virtues of love, cheerfulness, hard work, and self-confidence.

We can learn from the hummingbird in plenty of ways. Its size does not deter it, just like David’s size was not an excuse against Goliath. Similarly, we should not look at our conditions as sources of excuses.

Where the hummingbird lacks in size, it compensates with agility. Therefore, we should all seek out areas of ourselves that make us unique.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of the Hummingbird

Hope and inspiration are the two invaluable spiritual lessons that come with hummingbirds. Rarely are these birds spotted, but when they are, they inspire a feeling that everything is possible.

Whether you see the hummingbird in a dream or in person, you suddenly feel overwhelmed by optimism.

The hummingbird is widely considered a sign of goodwill. Part of the reason behind this is their colorful and vibrant nature. These birds inspire a feeling as if a fire is burning bright and a tiny hope that can grow into miraculous achievements.

What You Can Learn from the Hummingbird Dreams

Few symbols represent many virtues, and the hummingbird is one of the most popular.

This little bird has exceeded numerous limiting factors to come out as a symbol of love, courage, and passion. If we were to delve into the numerous representations of the hummingbird, we would take ages.

Dreams about hummingbirds carry with them reasons to be grateful. But in your interpretation of the dreams, be sure you understand the position of your conscious and subconscious life.

In most cases, hummingbird dreams carry messages of prosperity and achievement.

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