What’s the Meaning of Goat in a Dream?

Goats are known for being intelligent, playful, and excellent climbers. But what does it mean if you see a goat in your dreams?

Unless you’ve seen a goat in your waking life recently, this could be a mystifying experience.

Dreaming of goats can mean multiple different things, depending on the details.

If you can remember some of the specifics of your dream, you’ll be able to get a more accurate interpretation of what it means.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of meanings of various goat-related dream meanings.

What Does it Mean When You See a Goat in Your Dreams?

White Goat

Seeing a white goat in your dreams is a good sign! It symbolizes success, wealth, and good health.

It can also represent a time of positivity or new beginnings.

If you see a white goat in your dreams, now is a good time to do something you’ve always wanted to do or seize an incoming opportunity.

Black Goat

A black goat has two potential meanings. It could be that an unexpectedly tough time is headed your way (this could be big or rather small). Now is the time to stay calm and prepare yourself to handle this challenge well.

If you dream of one black goat in the midst of many other goats, this could be symbolizing your uniqueness and difference from others around you. Maybe you are going against the flow in some area of your life and are feeling some separation from the crowd.

Brown Goat

If you see a brown goat in your dreams, this could show that you are in the process of recovering from a childhood trauma, or did so recently.

It could also imply that you have not been spending enough time or energy tending to your spirituality or emotional health. If this meaning resonates with you, think about incorporating a new habit into your life that helps you focus on those things, meditation, journaling, or EFT.

Lastly, it could symbolize guilt that you are feeling related to something at work. If this is the case, think of the brown goat as your sign that you need to make things right.

Dead Goat

A dead goat in your dreams is a sign that you lack belief in a higher power.

You could see this as a sign to reflect on your lack of faith or consider incorporating some sort of spiritual practice into your life.

Chasing a Goat

Dreaming about chasing a goat means that you are open-minded about new experiences.

You likely are idealistic and want to improve the world in accordance with your personal moral code.

Killing a Goat

Seeing yourself kill a goat in your dreams means that you are feeling indifferent and apathetic to everything in your life.

This is a warning sign that can lead to problematic situations.

Now is the time to process your thoughts and emotions so that you can let go of the numbness you’ve been feeling.

Seeing Raw Goat Meat

Dreaming of seeing raw goat meat symbolizes your persistence and determination to get what you want.

You’re a hard worker and usually get what you work for. Just remember that it’s ok to relax sometimes too.

Eating Cooked Goat Meat

When you dream of eating goat meat, this is a sign that you need support from your loved ones. You could be feeling lonely or suffering alone during a difficult time.

This is the time to reach out and connect with others. Allow people to support you and let them into your struggles.


Buying Goat

If you dreamed about buying a goat, it could be that you’re feeling disappointed in yourself.

There is a gap between who you are today and who you want to be. You aren’t yet capable of showing up as the best version of yourself.

Give yourself some grace and allow your growth to happen naturally. Trust that your loved ones understand the journey that you are on.

Goat Sacrifice

Dreaming of a goat being killed or sacrificed can indicate that you are ready to move on in a big way in your life. It is the killing of the old to make room for the new.

Another interpretation can be tied to the killing of scapegoats in ancient history. In this practice, the sins of the people were “put upon” the goat, and then the goat was killed.

You may be feeling like a scapegoat yourself – like you are being blamed for things you did not do.

Male Goat

Dreaming of a male goat symbolized stability and strength.

If you’ve been going through a hard time, those difficult days are nearing the end. You will soon enter into a phase of stability.

In work, you are nearing success which will lead to greater financial strength.

Baby Goat

Seeing baby goats in your dream, especially if there is a mama goat nearby, means protection. You are being watched over and protected by those near you.

Alternatively, it could mean that you are desiring protection from someone, like a boss, parent, or partner.

Tied Goat

If you are dreaming of a tied goat or a caged goat, you may be feeling like someone has been trying to control you. This is your sign that you need to be strong and resist the control that person is trying to have over you.

If a circumstance has occurred in your life that you have no control in, the tied goat could be a symbol of that as well.

Goat in Your House

If you see a goat in or near your house in a dream, this is symbolic of your detailed and in-control qualities.

You may be working toward multiple goals and keeping track of many things in your life. It’s all ok.

You are putting in the work and paying attention to the details. You can rest knwoing that your hard work will pay off.

Goat Giving Birth

Dreaming about a goat giving birth signifies your need for something new.

It’s time to overcome your insecurities and move into a season of personal growth that will get you out of your current rut.

FAQs About Goats in a Dream

What’s the biblical meaning of a goat in a dream?

In the Bible, goats are seen as disobedient free spirits because they are stubborn and not easily tamed (as opposed to sheep, who willingly follow one shepherd).

Biblically, seeing a goat in a dream could mean that you are under a spiritual attack from evil. It could also mean that you are being disobedient to God in some way and should turn back.

What do goats symbolize in dreams?

Generally speaking, goats in dreams have four possible meansings:

  1. Good luck
  2. A sign that you need to make a change
  3. It represents your sexual desires
  4. A sign that success and wealth are on the way to you

Yes, those are all quite different. That is why it is most helpful for dream interpretation to have more details about the goat that you saw.

What’s the spiritual meaning of a goat in a dream?

Spiritually, seeing a goat in your dreams means that difficulties are coming. Goats are symbolic of evil or negative energy coming your way.

It could be that a person or situation will steal your spiritual energy and bring difficult times to your life.

When you see this sign, you can prepare yourself to handle any stress or anxiety that is coming.

What does a goat dream mean in Hinduism?

Goats were often used as Hindu sacrifices.

It can mean that you are ready to make a sacrifice yourself and enter into a new period in your life. This can be a sign that you are ready for change.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Goat?

As you can tell, dreaming about a goat has many possible meanings.

The more details that you can remember, the easier it will be to interpret the meaning.

Now that you know all of the various ways that goats can pop up in your dreams, I hope you will be able to decipher the meaning and gain some insight into yourself.

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