What is the Meaning of Frogs in a Dream?

The famous expression, you have to kiss a frog, has a less talked about ending- For you to find the prince. Let us bring this closer to our understanding. The story of the princess who kissed the frog and it turned into a prince is quite popular. Does it ring a bell?

Frogs evoke different feelings when you talk, see or even dream about them. While some consider these cold-blooded reptiles odd creatures, myths, stories, and legends beg to disagree.

In this article, we’ll interpret the dreams about frogs.

Spiritual Meanings of Frog Dreams


Change is inevitable, and when it comes, we must embrace it.

A frog turns from a tadpole to a full-grown frog. In all these phases, the frog is an example of how fast changes come. And its final form allows for its survival.

Frog dreams mean it may be impossible to carry on without accepting change. Allowing ourselves to be changed makes this better and longer lasting.


The frog is, strangely enough, considered a symbol of love and affection. It portrays tranquility that is relatable to love. With the folklore about frogs told over generations, it is explainable why these creatures are considered symbols of love.

Dreams of frogs could be pointers to the love life of a dreamer. And the likelihood of them falling in love.


The frog is cold-blooded; its body temperature matches that of its surrounding. The frequent but consistent change allows for the frog’s survival in varying conditions. Therefore, we must also learn to change for our benefit.

Adapting allows for fitting in and accommodating one’s beliefs, methodology and ideas.

Biblical Meanings of Frog Dreams

Punishment and wrath

The Biblical interpretation does not augur well with what we have already talked about frogs.

Frogs in the Bible are used to represent God’s wrath and punishment. Does the story of Moses and the Israelites sound familiar? If not, God plagued Egypt with so many frogs from the Nile when the Pharaoh refused to release Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

This story helps to explain that the Bible may equate frogs to punishment rather than love.



One meaning that correlates with what we already know is that of change.

Frogs in your dream convey that change is about to happen in your life. You will need to prepare yourself to accommodate this change when it happens. It is a symbol that we should look forward to something impending.

Hidden desires

Biblical teachings are focused on more than just spiritual welfare. These teachings also dwell on emotional and physical well-being.

Dreams about frogs can represent you are harboring ill desires and impure thoughts.

Such messages can reveal what is happening with your waking world relationships. And it also provides awareness against toxic relations.

Dream Interpretation of Frog

You have probably seen a trend now about interpretations of these dreams. You can see them in several ways, and none of the interpretations are wrong. All you need to do is understand the scenario and determine if it derives the most sensible meaning.

There are common dreams about frogs that we can shed some light on.

A Frog inside the House

Dreams regarding a frog in the house are alerts that you may be getting some visitors soon. More often, these visitors are unplanned but very welcome. If the frogs are hopping in your dream, your visitors will be great company.

In the same light, such dreams may also mean the arrival of good news to your household. This news is the kind you had no idea was coming, but you will be delighted by it nonetheless.

A Frog Jumping on You

Frogs represent emotions like love and harmony. Dreams of them jumping on you could indicate that you are hiding some emotional issues about yourself. Maybe there is someone you have not expressed how you feel about them. You will have to deal with this emotional rollercoaster in real life.

If the frog jumps hastily at you in the dream, there is a high chance it represents you are letting your life skip by you. You may need to re-align your core values and take back the reigns of your life. This dream is a caution for you to tread carefully in your dealings and think before acting.

Another scenario is if the frog is jumping slowly at you. This dream may mean you have put yourself in a rat race. Everything is going so high tempo when it should not. You need to breathe in your waking world if you have these dreams.

Frog Chasing Me

You have dedicated yourself to ignoring the feelings you are harboring. I will use an example that may be a long shot but almost relates. You are trying to escape past disappointments by avoiding present shows of emotions.

By running from the frog, you are avoiding this about yourself that you cannot get away from. This dream is a reality check for you. You need to confront your fears, emotions, and issues head-on for them to subside.

frog in pond

A Frog Attacking You

This dream symbolizes your apprehensiveness towards certain individuals in your waking world. There are people you consider toxic and not fit to be among those you relate with, yet they may still be in your life.

This dream points towards caution when dealing with individuals. You need to analyze your life relations and rid yourself of people who negatively impact your emotional well-being.

Frog Eating A Frog

I cannot imagine how eerie such a dream seems when it occurs.

The dream, rightfully, represents the presence of something sinister in your waking world. A force of evil may plot to consume your love and happiness. You will need to be careful about individuals, tasks, and practices.

The dream may also represent certain tasks in your life that you feel uncomfortable getting done. Regardless of how unsettling, these tasks still need to be done, and it is up to you to ensure you progress them.

Dead Frogs

Dreams of dead frogs are a symbol of the end of something. It may be a phase of tribulations that has finally ended, and you have come out on top of the situation. Dead frogs are, strangely enough, a reason to celebrate.

There is also a negative interpretation of your dream. It could mean the end of your pursuit in the waking world. You may have chosen to limit your dream, beliefs, and relations for your reasons. It denies you part of who you are.

Brown Frog

Dreams about brown frogs symbolize the completion of a journey of self-discovery.

It is a way through which the subconscious communicates you have gained an understanding of who you are. Therefore, in all your actions, you are aware of what you want in life.

Green Frog

Green frogs are a symbol of wealth and luxury. I can sense the excitement building up in you right now.

Your dream means you are destined for wealth or are in pursuit of riches. This dream is a good omen for you and a symbol of money. Who wouldn’t want to dream of a few more bucks?

Black Frog

Your dream reminds you to stay keen on the people around you.

The black frog is a message that you need to protect yourself better. If you let your guard down, someone may look to cause you to harm in the waking world.

Snake and Frog

As scary as this dream may appear, it represents your desire for inner growth. You are on a journey of discovering yourself. This journey will not be short of challenges, but in the end, you will come out with a clearer mind of what you need.

A more sinister explanation may be caution against agents of harm and danger in your life. You are holding relations with hateful people that will cause you damage in the waking world.

frog and snake

Frogs and Toads

This dream suggests you conceal parts of yourself by blending in with the crowds. Toads and frogs are often confused with each other. But these two are not the same. Therefore, your efforts of trying to appear the same will not prevail.

The dream pushes you to get off your comfort zone and become yourself.

Saving A Frog

If you are having these dreams, you may have managed to internalize some negative thoughts and take control of them. Your subconscious is trying to let you know that you have become a complete version of yourself by taking charge of these dreams.

This dream may also mean you have learned to express your feelings better, and what you were suppressing has now become easier to express.

What Can You Get from Frog Dreams?

Not everyone is a fan of frogs in the waking world or dreams. But for those who are, you will learn frogs carry pleasant symbolism.

These creatures are a sign of harmony and love—the interpretation of what they signify in dreams changes with your perspective and understanding.

To grasp your dreams’ meanings better, you must understand your situation in the waking world and how it relates to your frog dreams.

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