Dream About Fishing: What Does It Mean to You?

Can you picture yourself on a fishing boat sunny afternoon and no stress? If you can, then you know fishing is almost therapeutic.

Dreams about fishing have often been associated with positive symbolism. These are dreams you should welcome because they bring signs of good fortune.

Very often, dreams about fishing directly relate to things in our waking world. You are in a scenario or situation related to the fishing dream’s symbolism.

Despite the general relation to success and vitality, some fish dreams do not bear good fortune for the dreamer.

What Does Fishing Dreams Symbolize?

There are some core meanings behind your dreams of fishing. Most of these meanings carry positive symbolism for you.

Vitality and Success

Fishing dreams have always been associated with success.

The act of catching fish relates to bringing success to your fold. It is a sign that you should expect good news and results from your efforts.

These dreams are an encouragement to keep going with the efforts you are making in the waking world. When these efforts bear fruit, you will be rewarded with success. In a way, these dreams encourage earning success through honest work.


Dreams of fishing teach us to learn patience.

Fishing is a skill, and sometimes it takes time to bear results. Even in your dream, you must understand that things take time to come to fruition. You have to master your skill and take time.

You should expect good things to come, but make sure you do it right. Sometimes things take time, but that should not discourage you from the potential success you may achieve. Patience is the main virtue this dream teaches you.

Vital Capacity

Fishing dreams are a symbol of continuous learning, growth, and development.

There are skills gained through learning that keep going for a long time. Learning does not stop until the day you die.

If you have dreams related to fishing, it may mean you need to embrace continuous improvement through learning. This learning will help you clear a path for success and improve your chances of gaining more as you go by.

freshwater fishing

Meaning of Dreams About Fishing

Going Fishing

If you have this dream, you have every reason to be delighted.

Dreaming of going fishing symbolizes your odds of gaining wealth and success. It shows you have the chance to achieve a lot, and some good news is headed your way soon.

Going fishing in your dreams may also come with a slightly negative perspective.

It may mean you have a hidden emotion or character that is about to be highlighted. It may be something about yourself that you have ignored for a long.

In most cases, the dream bears a positive meaning for you as a dreamer. Where the dream is not clear, it could be a message for you to take time off for yourself. You may need to take a break from your hectic schedule and make time for leisure.

Dream of Fishing with Someone

You have a connection with that person.

There are some hidden emotions or admiration you feel for them but have not expressed in the waking world. You feel drawn to them and would appreciate spending more time knowing them and interacting at a personal level.

If you are having these dreams, it is a message that the feelings you harbor will soon be brought to light. Some happenings in your waking world will prompt you to disclose the hidden feelings to the person.

Fishing in a River

Dream of fishing in a river is a symbol of power and success.

The things happening in and around your life carry positive energy, which could result in success. Your success will rush in like the river stream’s flow. You need to maintain a high consciousness about your surroundings to achieve results.

This dream may also mean you should expect a few obstacles, but these obstacles will not prevent your success.

While you should anticipate challenges, do not assume the challenges will stand in your way.

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Fishing in Dirty Water

You will need to overcome various obstacles to reach your goal.

Fishing in dirty water is a representation of the challenges you are going to face before you achieve success. These obstacles should not deter you from your path.

This dream is an encouraging message for you to keep pushing against the odds. You still have a long way to go before getting where you want. It calls for patience and perseverance in every step of your journey.

The negative interpretation of this dream may also be that you are willing to play underhanded techniques to achieve your goal. You are the type of person that will get their hands dirty if it means earning what they want.

Dream of Fishing a Big Fish

You are about to experience a significant breakthrough in your life. The news that is in the offing has a great magnitude to it.

This big win is a result of your patience but also because of luck. You may have done little to deserve the big win, but you have all the reason to celebrate it.

If you have this dream, you have no reason to worry. Instead, wait for the win to come your way. This dream accustoms you to stop worrying about how things will happen and instead prepare for how you will handle yourself when they do.

Fishing Hooks

You have recently been tricked into committing to something that is not worth it.

Dreaming of fishing hooks is not a pleasant dream to have because of the meaning behind it. Someone may have misrepresented facts to get you to commit. Maybe you have purchased something that you will regret along the way.

This dream is a suspicion for you to prepare for negative consequences. The result of that trickery will likely lead to negative repercussions in your life. You will be best suited to prepare yourself for the challenges on the way.

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Fishing Rod

Dream of fishing rod meams that you have friends around you whom you trust but should be careful around.

You may have surrounded yourself with an inner circle that gives you comfort. However, it would help if you were careful to protect yourself from deceit by a member of your inner circle.

This dream warns against the harm you will suffer should one of your close friends disappoint you. You may have to re-evaluate your friendships in the waking world and choose carefully to avoid being misled.

The fishing rod dream also means you can make decisions for those around you.

It would be best to be careful with those you consider friends and objectively assess their intentions. You must trust your intuition in the process.

fishing rod

Fishing with Bare Hands

Catching fish with your bare hands represents your awakening in the waking world.

You have grown confident about your ability to handle yourself and help others. If you have such a dream, you have progressed in your personal and spiritual journey.

In your awakening, you have learned invaluable lessons and improved. You can extend this helping hand to those around you and make them better people.

This dream has also been taken to symbolize your compassion.

You have deep compassion toward those who come around you. And as a result, people are drawn toward you. It would be best if you kept the same spirit of being helpful to everyone.

Fishing with Net

Positive meaning: you are at a crucial moment where you need total control over everything around you.

While you may be anticipating or enjoying some positive wins, you still need to be aware of what is occurring in your waking world.

Negetive meaning: there is a negative interpretation of this dream as well. It may signify your denial about important aspects of yourself.

Maybe there are areas about your character that you try to avoid. Ignoring them does not make them go away. It just postpones their reality.

Editor’s Advice

When trying to understand the meanings of fishing dreams, it is important to relate them objectively to what is happening in the waking world.

These dreams are heralds of good news and can symbolize an impending breakthrough.

Your dreams may have different meanings, depending on what is happening in your waking world. Therefore, the interpretation must be as objective as possible.

Allow yourself to understand your circumstances before concluding the final meaning.

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