Reasons & Meanings of Dreaming About Ex-Girlfriend

There are dreams we never hope to have, yet we barely avoid them. Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend can sometimes cause memories you would rather keep away.

Most people have, at a given time, dreamt of their ex-girlfriend. If you have not, mark my words, you soon will.

Speculation aside, dreams about your ex-girlfriend have been elaborated that these dreams carry hidden meanings that we are about to explore. These meanings are subjective and based on varying scenarios.

Reasons Why You Dream About Ex-Girlfriend

The best way to describe these dreams is you are reliving your past. Whether the breakup was mutually agreed upon or initiated by one party, the dream will still be painful.

So, why, then, would you relive this self-inflicting torture?

Conflicting Emotions

When you spend part of your life affectionate with someone, you are bound to get attached. And unfortunately, with the attachment comes a rollercoaster of emotions. Human beings are social creatures, and we crave attention and affection.

These conflicting emotions may be love, hate, regret, agony, and pain. Maybe you are not just processing all this as well as you may imagine.


Have you ever been so used to something that your train of thought rotates around it?

If you have recently walked away from a long-term relationship, it may just be the feeling that she is always there that causes you to have these dreams. If this hurt, do not worry, time heals all scars.


The biggest fear of social creatures is spending the rest of your life alone [1]. Loneliness would likely drive you to dream about the days when you had someone to share your time and life with.

This loneliness sometimes confuses the dreamer that they still harness feelings for the ex-girlfriend.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend

The word soulmate is thrown around frequently, but did you know there are believers in the doctrine of soul ties?

From a spiritual perspective, the decision to love someone causes you to connect to them deeply.

Soul ties are the bonds between you and that ex-girlfriend. This doctrine sounds eerie, but it does exist. Because of these soul ties, you keep dreaming of that ex-girlfriend.

I am unsure how you will take this, but soul ties are difficult to break. That would explain repetitive dreams.

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Ex-Girlfriend Dreams Interpretation

Limiting to the past prevents you from enjoying the present and preparing for the future. Some more in-depth scenarios are as below:

Ex-Girlfriend with New Partner

Dream of your ex-girlfriend with new partner is a symbol of acceptance.

Here is my take: you have a few rough weeks, months or years but are finally accepting the situation. Sometimes most struggles are because of our inability to let go when there is no alternative.

Acceptance leads to a journey of healing. Therefore, this dream could be taken to signify the onset of a new journey. And this journey could provide the ultimate growth you have been pursuing.

Ex-Girlfriend Wanting Me Back

Most veterans consider returning to the ex-girlfriend part of amateur 101. Dreams about an ex-girlfriend looking to reignite old flames are a premonition for obstacles headed your way.

There are two ways, either fall for the obstacle and decline or overcome it and prosper.

The dream is a pointer to a hard decision you may soon have to make. With your choice, there will be a consequence, but you have the power to decide what it will be.

Ex-Girlfriend Coming Back

We tend to assume that problems can be buried and forgotten. However, in most incidences, problems are like a boomerang. They always come back.

Dreaming of ex-girlfriend coming back cautions your readiness to deal with ghosts of the past.

The dreams allude to life being more complex than we often assume. It questions both your preparedness and ability to stand firm on decisions made in the past. If you have such dreams, your resolve may be tested soon.

Dream About My Ex-Girlfriend Every Night

This dream is an indication of stagnation.

Have you recently started a new project? You are likely clinging to old ideas or methodology, inhibiting your potential progression. Because you refuse to let go of the past, the future becomes unattainable.

Likewise, this dream hints at unresolved conflict in your life. You may have had a bad disagreement yet to be ironed out. You can best solve these dreams by choosing to be the bigger person and solve it.

Ex-Girlfriend Getting Married to Someone Else

A loose interpretation of ex-girlfriend getting married to someone else in a dream is you have permanently lost an opportunity you originally had.

Because of negligible commitment or procrastination, someone else has risen and taken what was meant to be yours.

This dream serves as a warning and reminder not to be assumptive of what we have. The failure to manage our opportunities could lead to substantive losses.

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Ex-Girlfriend Dating Someone Else

The subconscious mind can project what we feel in the waking world.

Dreams about your ex-girlfriend dating someone else can be revelations of your insecurities and fear of being left alone. This interpretation may seem harsh, but it is logical.

You have a strong sense that those around you are not permanent figures and that, at some point, they will leave. These dreams reveal your need to work on a journey that focuses on being enough for yourself.

Dead Ex-Girlfriend

The positive view of dreaming of a dead ex-girlfriend could mean you have finally let go of the past.

Letting go is easier said than done, especially if it is something you put a lot of time into. But if you envision it as ‘dead,’ it no longer bears a hold on you.

On a negative aspect, this dream symbolizes your fear of losing loyalty or friendship with someone close to you. The death here is a symbol of a permanent end.

Killing Your Ex-Girlfriend

As crude as the dream may appear, it is seen as a symbol of you getting rid of something that has been holding you back.

The dream is purely symbolic and shows that the only way to progress is to rid yourself of the object in your way permanently.

However, this dream could also mean you are out of touch with your emotional impulses. You may have a lot of anger or frustration bottled up that needs to be talked out before it leads to irreversible, bad decisions.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of an Ex-Girlfriend

The thing about meanings is they can be countless. We all want to justify our meanings to suit our realities. But we will try to remain as objective as possible in these explanations.

Unexpressed Feelings

My theory is you left the relationship with some weight on your chest. It is like a bottle boiled with water inside it, waiting to explode. Because there is no viable outlet, your subconscious screams it out through your dreams.

There is a reason why psychologists advise speaking up. If these feelings are left unspoken, they tend to blow up in various ways.

Unfulfilled Desires

Few feelings are stronger than desires, and unfulfilled desires are the worst form.

For lack of a better illustration, it is like craving for sunlight at the North Pole. Unfulfilled desires, like unexpressed feelings, eventually blow up.


Clinging on to something that is already water under the bridge causes frustration [2].

You want something in the waking world you cannot have; thus, the dream world becomes your only source of reprieve. It causes more frustration in your actual, physical life.


Sometimes the dream about your ex-girlfriend may symbolize something ongoing in your real life.

The ex-girlfriend is a symbol of something that is not working, yet you still choose to put more time and resources into it. You do not need rocket science to explain how this would end.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend

The Bible teaches us to let go of the past and focus on the future. We have no control over the past, but the present and future are in our hands. Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend could symbolize your hold on the past.

While there are no direct mentions of ex-relationships or ex-girlfriends, the symbolism can be considered for the urge to focus more on what we have power over.

The Biblical interpretation may also encourage us to understand and communicate our feelings and desires. Human beings are created to be social beings.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Ex-Girlfriend?

Dreams about ex-girlfriends may come off as weird, but they do happen, and when they come, they carry meaning.

These dreams can be because of your unspoken feelings and desires. The dreams symbolize your pasts, a message not to cling on but to move forward.

While we may try to explain what these dreams mean, their interpretations are open to scrutiny based on individual circumstances. When you pay attention to the details of your dream, you will understand what it could mean.

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