Dreaming About an Ex You Don’t Talk to Anymore

Dreams about exes can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean much – it’s simply your brain subconsciously bringing up old memories.

Other times, it means you still have feelings for your ex or are still seeking closure. It may also be symbolic.


Your ex can symbolize something important to you in your present, such as your current marriage. That’s especially true if it was your first love, someone with whom you hoped to build a family.

The 5 Main Reasons You Dream About Your Ex

Before we get into specific dream scenarios [1], let’s go over the five main reasons anyone would dream about an ex who’s no longer in their life.

1. You Have Feelings for Them

You may feel like you’ve gotten over your ex, but you may still have feelings for them deep down.

While you might not think about them anymore when going about your daily life, you still love them. After all, they have been a significant part of your life for a long time.

Editor’s Comment

That doesn’t mean you don’t love your current partner or spouse. You may love them very much, but you can’t go back and erase history, including past lovers.

2. You Are Still Angry at Them

You may also have a different kind of feeling towards them. Negative feelings, such as hate, anger, and resentment, can manifest in dreams. These feelings are more common when talking about a more recent ex.

Forgiving and letting go of grudges is often just a matter of time.

3. You Haven’t Had Closure

You may not be angry at your ex, but you may not have gotten the closure you wanted. Perhaps your ex ghosted you, or perhaps you never found out why they broke up with you.

Maybe you broke up with them for whatever reason but now wonder what your life would be like if you worked on your issues instead of breaking up.

4. It’s Symbolic

A dream about an ex can often symbolize something happening in your present. It’s kind of like déjà vu.

For example, if you’re going through a breakup or fighting with your partner, you may have dreams of breaking up or fighting with an ex.

5. You Miss the Idea of Them

You may not even miss your ex themselves. However, you may miss the feelings, excitement, and passion of falling in love with someone, of being in love with someone.

You may dream of an ex from long ago you will never get back together with and who you no longer want. What you’re missing is the idea your ex embodies.

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Specific Dreams About Ex: Meanings

Let’s go over some specific dreams involving exes and what they might mean. Remember, dreams aren’t always fateful [2], so take them with a grain of salt.

Your Ex Protecting You

You likely are afraid of something. Perhaps the economy is terrible, or crime rates are going up in your area. You are single and miss the feeling of security and safety your ex used to offer you.

Your Ex Hugging You

You miss physical touch. However, you may or may not miss your ex. Perhaps you’ve just been single for a while and seen a romantic movie involving physical contact.

Killing Your Ex

If it’s an ex from a recent breakup, you likely have a lot of pent-up anger and resentment toward them.

However, if it’s an ex you’re primarily over with, you’re “killing off” any attachment you had to them and finally moving on.

Your Ex Calling You

This dream is common when your ex breaks up with you. You want things to work out, but you know you shouldn’t reach out. You still hope they might regret the breakup and call you back.

Your Ex Moving Away

You despise your ex and hate the idea of bumping into them at a bar, at work, in school, or somewhere else. You’re happy they’re finally moving away.

Alternatively, you’re still attached to them and afraid of losing them forever.

Getting Back With Your Ex

Subconsciously, you might still want them back. Sometimes, it’s because you have kids together, and you care about the kids and want them to have a healthy, happy family.

Your Ex Fighting With Current Partner

This dream symbolizes a conflict in your life that you’re afraid of.

It could also mean that your current partner is suspicious of you and your ex, thinking you may still secretly be in contact. Somehow, you can sense that.

Your Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

If you saw your ex sleeping with someone else and were happy or unaffected, you’ve finally let go and moved on. If it was a scary or bad dream, you are still attached and afraid you’ll lose them forever.

Ex Dating Your Friend

You likely sensed some sexual tension between your ex and your friend while you were still together.

You may not have said anything out loud, but you always suspected they liked each other.

Having Sex With Your Ex

You may simply miss the sex. Alternatively, if your ex was toxic, it means you’re coming to terms with the fact that you were sexual and vulnerable with them even when they didn’t deserve it. You’re no longer beating yourself up for it.

FAQs About Dreams of Ex

Are you still worried about your dream with your ex? Here are answers to common questions we see from readers.

Does dreaming about your ex mean they miss you?

Not always. Sometimes, it means you miss them. However, at other times, your brain can sense that they miss you.

Perhaps it is because of the things they post on social media or something they have said to a friend of yours they still talk to.

What’s the biblical meaning of dreaming about your dead ex?

It means that you and your ex are still connected. Despite being in the afterlife, your ex hasn’t forgotten about you; they are still coming to visit and comfort you.

Editor’s Comment About This Kind of Dream

Dreaming about an ex can be scary and overwhelming. However, if you know the meanings of common dreams [3] involving exes, you will no longer be confused.

At the end of the day, though, dreams are not reality. If it happened just once, try not to overthink it.

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