Skunks in Your Dreams? Here’s What It Could Mean!

Dreams are often too convoluted for anyone to make sense out of them. Fortunately, there are times when our dreams revolve around one key theme or idea. From these dreams, we can hope to extract some meaning.

What does it mean then, when a cuddly but potentially smelly animal like the skunk waddles into our dreams? Is it a cause for concern or a sign of good things to come?

Let’s find out together.

Common Skunk Dreams and Their Meanings

A Skunk in Your House

Dream of a skunk in your house? Given the strength and longevity of their scent, I’d say this one would be a true nightmare.

Having a dream in which you and a skunk play unwilling roommates means that there is some aspect of your life that could spiral out of control.

This dream is letting you know that you’ve got to do something about this issue. Before it is too late, take this as a warning of things to come but only if you continue on the same path.

However, if a guest is carrying the skunk into your house then this means that an individual is going to bring great and unwanted change into your life. It is time to brace yourself.

A Skunk Spraying You

This is what skunks are most famous for. It would be no surprise if you have ever wondered or dreamed about being sprayed by a skunk but what does it mean?

Dreaming about a skunk spraying you means that there is something in your life that is holding you back. Think about it, if you were covered in skunk spray, you would not want to go outside. A prisoner in your own home.

This is where this dream gets its meaning. This dream is letting you know that if you want to be free, you’ve got to rid yourself of what troubles you.

A Skunk Biting You

This is a serious dream and one with a warning that you should absolutely heed.

When a skunk bites or attacks you in your dreams, it means that some individuals wish to do the same to you.

They want to attack and then control you. Beat you into submission, albeit not necessarily in a physical way. There are manipulative people within your orbit, and you’ve got to be wary because they are about to strike.

If you dream of a skunk attack, watch those who consider themselves your friend. Friends are where the manipulative ones hide the most. Distance yourself from whoever is a toxic presence in your life.

Skunk Outside Your House

In real life, if you ever see a skunk near your house, you’d be worried that it could stink up the place.

The potential for damage is there and the same is true if you ever dream of a skunk outside your house. Dreaming about a skunk outside your house means that someone is trying to damage your reputation.

This damage could come in the form of rumors or more elaborate plots to see your downfall. Take this dream as a warning to be cautious because danger is right outside your door.

Skunks Chasing You

Getting chased is a terrifying moment. Dreaming about it even more so since we tend to be more languid in our dreams.

What can we understand from a skunk chasing us in our dreams?

If a skunk is chasing you in your dreams, then this means that you believe there to be a problem in your life that makes you feel powerless. Nothing you do can alter the situation. For example, if somebody is spreading rumors about you at work, nothing at all is the best thing you can do about it.

This confuses many who believe that a skunk chasing you means that someone is speaking ill of you. In reality, this could be one of many situations in which you would be powerless to do something.

skunk running

Skunk Sitting on Your Head

Ever had a dream about a skunk resting on top of your head, or any part of your body for that matter?

If so, then it is time for you to have an intervention with yourself. Dreaming about a skunk anywhere on your body is not a good sign.

What this means is that your behavior is driving people away. Almost as if you were sprayed by a skunk and people had to get away from the smell. Except in this case, your personality would be what is repelling those around you.

Consider keeping your emotions in check and refrain from being a negative presence to those around you.

Brown Skunks in Your Dreams

While brown skunks aren’t as ubiquitous as the coveted mix of black and white skunks, they do exist.

If you have ever dreamt about a brown skunk, then this is actually a cause for celebration. A brown skunk anywhere in your dreams means that the odds are in your favor so good ahead and take that risk.

If in your dream the brown skunk attacks you then it means that you should act quickly. If you don’t, then whatever benefits you had going for yourself will soon leave you.

Take these kinds of dreams as a heads up. A heads up that is telling you to go for it, before it’s too late.

You Killing a Skunk

Dreaming about killing a skunk can be a very harrowing experience. Violence in our dreams, when we are supposed to be at rest, can be very debilitating.

You’d think then that a dream in which you are killing a skunk could be a bringer of misfortune, but you’d be dead wrong.

When you kill a skunk in your dreams, it means that you got rid of a potential threat or danger. The killing of the skunk symbolizes ridding oneself of a dangerous individual or situation.

If you get messy as you are killing the skunk, then it means you had to do something immoral in order to succeed.

Baby Skunks

Baby Skunks, cute and cuddly, not likely to have built up their potent smelling spray.

Babies of any kind symbolize a lifetime commitment. It represents massive change in all aspects of your day to day life.

Dreaming about a baby skunk means that you are ready to make a big change in your life. This could mean anything from moving out of the country to starting a relationship. The change itself doesn’t matter.

All this means is that you are mentally ready for a big change.

All Black Skunk

If an all-black skunk finds its way into your dreams, then you are in for some big trouble coming your way.

An all-black skunk is not a good sign. It represents trouble from your past. Something that you overcame but is now back with a vengeance.

This returning evil from your past could be legal troubles, someone that wants to hurt you, or perhaps an embarrassing event that will resurface.

In my opinion, this is by far one of the worst dreams that you could have. Proceed with extra caution.

Friendly Skunk

Having dreams about a friendly skunk means that someone who was once out to hurt you is now your friend. Perhaps a coworker that was spreading rumors about you has had a change of heart.

This friendly skunk could also represent a former rival or ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that you will soon be friends with. This is a positive dream because it means that you have one less person to worry about. One less enemy in the world.

However, if in your dream, you are speaking to the skunk without them responding then this means that you must initiate the conversation. That is, if you want this individual to become your friend.

Dead Skunk

If you dream about a dead skunk but you did not kill the skunk, then this means you have entered a new phase of your life. The dead skunk being presented to you represents the end of whatever has been troubling you.

This is your mind’s way of telling you that it is now time to move one and seek new pastures.

It’s a pleasant dream to have despite the subject matter. You would be wise to heed your dream’s advice. Leaving behind a traumatic past can do you a world of good.

The Biblical Meaning of Skunks in Your Dreams

The bible is filled with stories and morals. It’s practically the dictionary of symbolic meanings. What then does the bible have to say about skunks?

Skunks in the bible are represented as being evil and dirty. As such, according to the bible, dreaming about a skunk around you means that there is a corrupting force near you.

It’s a warning to stay away from this evil before it taints you as well.

What a Skunk Represents to You

Where does this leave us? As we know from several studies, the part of our brain that is responsible for making us dream is the same part of our brain that handles memory.

If a cute skunk were to waddle into your dreams, it is important to consider how you have thought of skunks all your life.

Do you have a negative or positive perception of them? That alone could change everything.

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