What Does It Mean to Dream of Crystals?

In this article, we’ll talk about the meanings when you dream of crystals.

Western psychology suggests that dreaming is a process that allows us to make sense of our memories.

When we sleep, our minds take elements from our waking experience and line them up with subconscious memories. This is also a space where the subconscious observations of the past 24 hours can take the whole of the mind’s attention.

Practitioners who balance science and spirituality believe that dreams can also be a means of receiving spiritual communication. They can be a compelling source of curiosity and self-discovery. Dream diaries can be a helpful way to explore dreams in depth and identify patterns that you may have missed.

What Different Crystals Mean in Dreams?

Many dream interpretation guides have been compiled to help people explore the meaning behind their dreams. However, symbolism in dreams relies heavily on your own understanding of the world. You are the only true interpreter of your dreams.

The meaning of your dreams is also heavily influenced by the context in which you find yourself interacting with the crystals. Finding a precious gem has a different meaning from losing or breaking it. Whether the stone stands alone or is connected with other stones or jewelry also impacts interpretation.

If you’ve been dreaming of crystals and need help deciphering their meaning a guide can be helpful. Read on to find some information about the symbolism of different crystals. This may help you to get to the bottom of the possible meanings behind your dreams.

Dream of Amethyst Crystal

Amythyst is often associated with purity of spirit [1] and innocence. The word amethyst comes from a derivative of the Greek word amethustos, or “not drunken,” for its believed ability to prevent intoxication and maintain a clear mind. Amethyst is linked to the Third-Eye [2] Chakra, and in dreams can symbolize a deeper connection with divine power.


This crystal can often be connected to mental and spiritual enlightenment. You may be on the cusp of gaining a new understanding of yourself, your career, or your love life. The appearance of amethyst may also indicate that your subconscious or spiritual mind is warning you of upcoming conflict or turmoil.

If this crystal is appearing in your dreams, you may need to take time for self-reflection. You may be coming up on a challenge to some deeply held assumptions. This new enlightenment could be a source of anxiety. But it can also be a chance for deep spiritual growth.

Dream of Quartz Crystal

Quartz is believed to be associated with clarity, balance, and healing. Named according to its strength (the German word Quarz is derived from the Czech word for hard), quartz is believed to be powerful in any situation. In addition to its healing influence, this clear crystal has properties that allow it to enhance the effects of other crystals.

quartz crystal

When you see quartz in your dreams, you may need to seek clarity and understanding in your life. That may be clarity in your own purpose and goals. It could be a signal to examine your close relationships or even a signal that you need to be more clear with others in your life.

Quartz invites you to recommit yourself to honesty with yourself. If you’ve been struggling with fully accepting difficult situations in your life, take heed. Not being honest with yourself can lead you away from your goals.

Dream of Citrine Crystal

Named for its color, citrine’s meaning is historically tied to mental clarity. Many cultures believed that wearing the gems on the head improved intelligence and creativity. This crystal can be helpful for clearing the mind for meditation.


In a dream, the presence of citrine symbolizes power and perseverance. It represents the ability to commit to your goals. You have the ability to adapt to the situation, which is an important part of achieving your objectives.

Citrine may also serve as a reminder to maintain a clear head when it comes to material achievements. It can be easy to throw yourself fully into one project at the expense of other areas in your life that need attention.

Dreaming of Green Crystals

Green is one of the colors of life. It can represent life as a whole or new beginnings. Individual gems have their own specific symbolism. Emeralds, for example, suggest clear foresight and communication [3]. Similarly, green has on its own represents change. In general, green gems are associated with the Heart Chakra and harmony.

Dreaming of green crystals can encourage you to live your life more fully. It could also be a sign that you need to slow down from your busy schedule and refocus on the things that are truly important to you. These crystals can also represent family and togetherness.

Green crystals in your dreams might be a sign of a lack of trust or uncertainty of self. It may be beneficial for you to check in with yourself spiritually and assure yourself of your position in your life and relationships.

Dream of White Crystals

White crystals are associated with purity and healing. This purity of purpose is associated with the Crown Chakra and our connection with the divine [4]. By enhancing our connection with our higher powers, these stones also promote clarity of mind in relationships and careers.

When you dream of white crystals, it tends to be related to your sense of inner peace. When it’s present, you are probably feeling settled. If you find yourself looking for white crystals, you may be seeking something that is missing.

White crystals can serve as an encouragement to remain true to your values. These dreams may nudge you to untangle complicated problems, gently and thoroughly.

Dream of Blue Crystals

You may find that there are different meanings depending on how light or deep of a color [5] you’re observing. Generally, blue stones enhance your ability to make decisions with a clear head. They might be associated with your emotions and your understanding thereof.

In dreams, blue crystals are associated with new information and learning. There may be areas in your life that warrant investigation. Or you may be developing an interest in something outside of your usual day-to-day.

These crystals can also symbolize goodwill and protection You may find that you have these dreams before making an important decision or starting a task that you are nervous about. In that case, your dreams might indicate that you can be brave in moving forward.

Dream About Large Crystals

A large crystal appearing in your dream has a different meaning than a smaller gem you might find in a piece of jewelry. If you’re dreaming of a large crystal, it can represent upcoming problems. These problems are probably associated with the symbolism and meaning of the associated stone.

Dreaming of a large quartz crystal, in this case, may represent upcoming issues with balance and general understanding.

You may also experience dreams of large crystals as a representation of emotions that can be overwhelming. You may be looking at things from a new perspective, or you may have experienced a significant shift in life.

Dream of Finding Crystals

If you are finding crystals in your dreams, it may symbolize a search for spiritual enlightenment. You may be looking for the positive aspects of the specific gems you find. You may be seeking clarity surrounding your own thoughts or emotions.

Dreams of finding a crystal might be representative of an answer that you already have, somewhere in your life, if you only look for it. You may have positive discoveries coming your way, and need to be prepared.

What’s The Symbolism of Crystal in Dreams?

Generally, the presence of precious stones in your dreams is associated with pleasure and prosperity. How and where the crystal appears can give additional insight into its meaning.

As you might have guessed from the rest of the article, dreams of crystals are often associated with the future. They can represent something that you are seeking, or be an indication of something coming your way.

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Crystals in Dreams?

This can be a bit of a tricky subject because not all Christian scholars agree on the meaning. Some believe that these dreams are a warning of difficult times to come. Others see these dreams as a positive representation of guidance you have already received. And others see crystals as a symbol of rebirth.

There is evidence in the bible of dreams of crystals being associated with sins, such as vanity and pride. Such dreams may have precious stones as a representation of the trap of living according to the flesh.

There are, however, positive and negative interpretations of dreams involving crystals. These interpretations are closely associated with the spiritual meaning and power of each type of crystal. They also depend on the interaction the dreamer has with the crystal.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Crystals?

There are many ways to interpret dreams, and dreams of crystals are no different. But the spiritual meaning of crystals may help you to decipher your dreams and connect them to your waking life.

Whether you find yourself seeking clarity, prosperity, or health, your dreams can give you valuable insight.

If you are having difficulty with further untangling the meanings, consider reaching out to a spiritual guide for support.

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