What Does It Mean When You Dream About Suicide?

Dreams about suicide are very upsetting. Feelings of unease and anxiousness often follow, and you are bound to question the meaning of a dream about suicide.

It’s good to be curious about what a dream about suicide means, as you can interpret quite a bit from each possible scenario.

Dreaming About Committing Suicide: Interpretations

When you have a dream, it’s a good idea to keep a journal of what you experience. It can help make interpreting a dream easier.

Let’s look at some common dreams about suicide, so you can understand what they might mean.

Dream About Yourself Suicide

A dream where you commit suicide can indicate feelings of uncertainty about things to come.

If you are facing obstacles, troubled times, and having trouble seeing a way to come out the other end of the tunnel, you might also feel sad, lonely, or frustrated.

This misery can manifest in a dream where you hurt yourself or try to take your own life as you seek an escape from what might feel hopeless.

Dream About Someone Committing Suicide

If you dream of a stranger committing suicide, it may represent a situation where there is a lack of a solution.

You might feel that you know what’s best for someone or a group of people, but they don’t. You might even think they’re trying to get attention, ungrateful, or trying to make themself necessary.

Dream About a Friend Suicide

Dreaming of a friend performing a suicidal act can be due to feeling inadequacy.

You might think that you’re too late to explain how you feel about someone or that you risk losing contact with someone close before you can share your affection or thoughts with them.

It’s possible that this sort of scenario can make you upset or as if time is running out.

But, you might also feel that you can’t control others and that even strong feelings on your part might not affect a friend’s behavior.

This dream might also reflect feelings of regret or shame about how you treated a friend.

Dream About Mass Suicide

A dream about a large-scale suicide, where many people die or kill themselves, is often a sign of powerlessness. It might also reflect inevitability, calmness in a turbulent environment, or despair.

If you feel like there’s no way out of a situation you and others are going through, you might dream of everyone giving up together.

You might see a looming but irrepressible eventuality on the horizon. In that case, you might feel so powerless that you dream of a group of people all committing suicide together.

You might even dream of a relatively calm suicide bomber in a crowd or another similar type of attack that requires resolve.

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Dream About Partner Suicide

A dream where a partner, such as your husband, commits suicide can represent fear about the future of your relationship.

Whether you’re involved in a casual fling or a long-term romance, these fears can generate feelings of doubt, shame, and a lack of trust.

If you’ve been arguing or feel like the future isn’t as rosy as it once was, these feelings can be intense and cause you to question your self-worth.

You may be able to cope with these feelings by committing to trust yourself and your partner, even if you have to sacrifice your relationship to do so.

Dream About Being Talked Out of Suicide

A dream where someone persuades you not to commit suicide can reveal thoughts of being misunderstood, doubted, or unreasonably questioned.

If you feel that the people in your life don’t support you, disregard your feelings, or belittle your commitments, it can leave you feeling alone.

Perhaps your feelings toward someone aren’t reciprocated. It can be hard to do, but sometimes you must let people know how you feel.

Advocating for yourself and being direct about where people might be doing you wrong is a healthy way to cope with these feelings.

Dream About Suicide Drowning

Dreaming about intentionally drowning can mean you desire a fresh start.

Similar to returning to the womb, the water represents rebirth. You may need a nurturing, safe environment to recover from something.

You might need protection to get over a hurdle. But, you also desire to put the overwhelming feelings behind you.

Dreams About Failed Suicide

Dreaming about a failed attempt at suicide might mean that you are turning a corner. You might feel that you’re turning over a new leaf or putting a rough patch behind you.

If someone fails suicide due to your action, you might feel like that person owes you something.

Dream About Someone Jumping to Their Death

If you dream of others jumping off a building or bridge, it may mean that you feel content. You can’t control others, and maybe it’s time for a change in situation or attitude.

If you find yourself jumping in a dream, it might mean that you’re anxious to leave the safety of the structures of your life, represented by the solid nature of the building from which you’re jumping.

Can Nightmares Make You Suicidal?

Nightmares can be upsetting. But they are not the source of suicidal ideation. Depression is a common mental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

A dream about suicide doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling suicidal, but you should take any thoughts about harming yourself very seriously. It’s easy to ask for help [1].

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Suicide Dreams: FAQ

Many people who have suicide dreams have questions about their meaning. Below are some oft-asked questions.

How to get rid of suicidal nightmares?

The best way to get rid of suicidal nightmares is to work your way through your feelings.

It may help to keep a journal of your dreams, talk with peers or trusted acquaintances, and even a counselor.

Can nightmares be a symptom of depression?

Nightmares can be a symptom of depression, especially if they are frequent or have recurring themes.

What are nightmares trying to tell you?

There is a lot we don’t know about dreams. So, it’s up to each of us to interpret our subconscious as best we can.

It’s also healthy to discuss our dreams with others, as they may be able to help us work through the hidden meanings within.

Can nightmares affect your mental health?

Recurring, frequent nightmares can be a drain on our mental health.

If you struggle to get adequate sleep due to dreams, you should contact a mental health professional and learn more about how to cope with stress [2].

Dreaming About Suicide: Takeaway

In one recent year, more than 45,000 took their own life [3]. Mental health is an essential part of our well-being, and often, people do not find the care they need in time.

But, suicide dreams don’t necessarily imply you’re feeling suicidal. It might just mean that you’re going through a turbulent period in your life and that something is upsetting you.

It’s up to you to analyze the content of your dreams and understand their deeper meaning. You can always ask for help [4].

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