Dream About Someone Trying To Kill Me: Hidden Meanings

Death-related dreams are scary visions that often represent your anxieties or desires in the physical world.

Typically, dreams of this nature can relate to matters of control or other conflicts. You may struggle to take control of your life, translating into this nightmare.

Luckily, once you wake up, the terrifying scene is over, and you do not need to take it literally.

Here are some meanings behind a “dream about someone trying to kill me.”

Different Scenarios and the Meanings

Here are the different scenarios regarding a dream about someone trying to kill you and their various meanings.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me With a Gun

There’s no doubt that the vision of looking at someone pointing a gun at you is terrifying. You may believe you’re about to lose your life while dreaming.

Perhaps someone asked a favor of you that you do not want to take on. You feel pressured or forced to follow through with the task. In this type of dream, the gun may be a metaphor for a spotlight.

Consider the current weight you have on your shoulders. Do you feel like someone is abusing your considerate nature?

Alternatively, this dream is your subconscious [1] attempting to send you a message to address any conflict in your life. This dream may be your body’s way of bringing underlying fears or emotions to the surface.

If you get shot in your dream, this may indicate stress in your real life [2]. Your subconscious mind picked up on the overwhelm and manifested into this intense nightmare. Take some time to relax and reduce tension.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me With a Knife

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you with a knife is a metaphor for betrayal. You’ve probably heard the phrase “stab you in the back,” so this dream brings this feeling to life.

Perhaps someone in your physical world recently betrayed you. This dream may also indicate that you put someone on a pedestal, and that person didn’t live up to your expectations.

This dream may also reveal your fears of someone important breaking your trust. The trust-breaker may be a partner cheating on you or a colleague cheating you out of something.

Stabbing dreams may also suggest that you are suppressing feelings. If you feel you need to express yourself to someone, this dream urges you to do so.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me With an Axe

Axes represent cutting something off, which can be a metaphor for removing people from your life or quitting your job.

Metaphorically, dreams about someone trying to kill you with an ax may mean that a significant portion of your life has ended.

Axes symbolize breaking something beyond repair and breaking the connection. Is there something you want to cut off in your waking life? Or, did you already break ties with a partner or job?

Alternatively, this dream may suggest that you struggle to trust specific individuals. Think about who was attempting to kill you in your nightmare and how trustworthy they are in your eyes.

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Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me and My Family

When you dream that someone tries to kill you and your family, it may mean that you feel you have control over your life but have subconscious doubts.

Your dream might encourage you to dig deeper to see which areas you feel out of control.

This dream may also indicate that someone is misleading you and that you need to watch them with a close eye. Separate what they tell you and what their actions show.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me While Pregnant

If you dream that you are pregnant while someone attempts to kill you, this signifies that you are progressing in your spirituality.

You’re becoming more accountable and are growing into a responsible person.

This dream suggests that you are ready for massive shifts in your life. It may mean switching jobs, starting a project, or life milestones like closing a house.

On the other hand, this dream may indicate that your past has faced many challenges for you. However, you were able to push through, even when you didn’t think you could.

Someone trying to kill you while you’re pregnant is a metaphor for your rebirth in some area of life. It may come with some struggles at first, but you are capable and triumphant in the end.

Dream About Someone Chasing Me and Trying To Kill Me

If someone is chasing you and trying to kill you, this is your subconscious revealing that you’ve been avoiding something in your waking life.

Who is this person chasing you, and why are they doing it?

Alternatively, this may signify that you or someone you know is hiding aggression and anger. Perhaps someone in your physical world seems off recently, and your gut tells you to stay away.

Dream About Someone Trying to Break in and Kill Me

If someone tries to break in and kill you, this dream is a metaphor for protection. In what areas of life do you feel unsafe?

Alternatively, this dream may metaphorically mean that you’ve been careless lately.

Have you recently experienced any setbacks, and what could you have done differently? Most importantly, how can you learn from it for future endeavors?

Spiritual Meaning of This Dream

Spiritually, to dream about someone trying to kill you suggests you are not in control of your life. This dream reflects what happens to you in the physical world.

This spooky nighttime vision typically hits dreamers when they’re experiencing hopelessness. The dream may relate to your relationship or situation with someone in your physical world.

Consider who the person who’s trying to kill you is. Is it a partner? Friend? Enemy? You may have reason to be afraid of this person.

Perhaps they have harmed you, or you’re worried they could break your heart. Alternatively, this dream may indicate that you wronged the person trying to kill you, causing you to feel guilty.

Biblical Meaning of This Dream

Biblically, dreams about someone trying to kill you could be a sign from God that you need to keep your emotions under control. Otherwise, you may pay the consequences.

That doesn’t mean someone is going to kill you in real life. Think of the person killing you, how they’re killing you, and why they’re killing you as a metaphor.

Alternatively, this may be God’s warning that someone is plotting or scheming against you.

Though it may not be as extreme as trying to kill you, be mindful of who you surround yourself with in your waking life.


To dream about someone trying to kill you is a terrifying experience. This type of dream can hold various meanings depending on the weapon, who’s attempting to harm you, and if anyone else is around.

The best way to decipher its meaning is to take note of the context within the dream and apply it to the powerful emotions you’ve been avoiding in your waking life.

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