Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Someone You Know or Not

An old saying says that when you dream of someone, that person is also connecting with you in their dreams.

However, what if the dream is distressing? Or what if you are dreaming of a person you would rather not see?

Dreaming about somebody is an experience we have all had; whether it was a loved one, a close friend, or even a stranger, we have had another person starring in our dreams alongside us.

8 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Someone

The events of the dream may also conflict with our interpretation of what they mean. Below are eight spiritual meanings behind why we might dream of somebody.

1. This Person Is a Reflection of Your Emotional State

Interestingly enough, the presence of a familiar face in your dream could be more symbolic than literal.

When we dream about somebody who impacted our mental or emotional state, our brains may have begun associating them with this feeling.

To the person that angered you beyond all reasonable doubt, you may envision them while sleeping and having gone to bed upset.

It may be a sign to reflect upon your emotional state when you wake up.

2. You Are Thinking About Them Often

If somebody is on your mind day and night, that they have featured in your dreams is unsurprising. Imagery of them has pervaded your subconscious and surfaces during your REM cycle.

3. You Have Unresolved Feelings

When thinking of an ex or somebody dear to you that has passed away suddenly and you were not allowed to peacefully resolve your feelings, your dreams take over as a vehicle for you to gain closure.

Reflecting on what you may need to deal with when awake is advised, especially if the dreams are upsetting.

4. You Are Ignoring Qualities About Yourself

The symbolic loss of a spouse, partner, or friend indicates that you have begun to lose a piece of yourself to this person.

This could mean that you need to assess your present ties with this individual in the event you have overlooked some serious red flags.

Alternatively, perhaps this person has tried to guide you into seeing yourself in another light and you are struggling to keep up.

You have not spent a lot of time acknowledging your higher self and this person may be acting as a spiritual guide to lead you to enlightenment.

5. You Haven’t Dealt With Some Aspect Of Yourself

Perhaps you keep dreaming of your high school math teacher; you two are not acquainted on a personal level, but they played a large part in shaping your education.

Are you having worries about higher education? Are you fearing failure in one of your classes? These are questions you may want to ask yourself.

It is possible you are having apprehension in contending with some aspect of yourself that is unsatisfactory, and your dreams are using familiar figures to call you to action.

6. You Are Experiencing Uncertainty

Transitional periods in our lives can be scary.

We are fretting about the future, scared about the unknown that lay ahead, and our dreams have a variety of ways to manifest this. One of the most common ways our minds process uncertainty is to bring to us dreams of death.

When we dream of our loved ones passing away, it does not necessarily mean they are on the verge of death. Surely some dreams are prophetic, but in this instance, it may be valuable to assess what is going on in your own life before jumping to extreme conclusions.

Death is an inevitable transition that comes for us all, familiar to everybody, and thus the perfect vehicle for our dreams to convey our worry to us over what comes next in our lives.

7. You Desire Approval From This Person

Did you have a positive dream about somebody whose relationship with you might be characterized as anything but?

Then your dreams may be manifesting what you wish would occur in your waking reality.

8. They Are Sending a Message to You via Dreams

In some cases, this is correct. The person featured in your dream may also be searching for a connection with you and, through dreams, they have established a telepathic bond.

Listen carefully to this message and approach them in your waking hours.

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Who Did You Dream About? Meanings Explained

As we have just covered, when people are featured in our dreams, you do not have to extrapolate the meaning as literal.

Seldom are dreams straightforward, so interpreting them with some degree of symbolism usually never hurts.

Dreaming About Someone You Love

Some possible explanations for dreaming of a person you love, especially in a romantic way, may just be an indication that you are thinking about them nonstop.

To be sure, try to get a read of the situation in the dream before passing judgment.

Dreaming About Someone Who Passed Away

Dreams are an effective way to come to terms with your loss. Dreaming of a deceased loved one, family member, or friend could be your means to navigate the freshness of the situation.

Dreaming About Your Ex With Someone Else

This may indicate that you have not received closure in this relationship.

You may have lingering attachments; the good news is that doesn’t mean you are still in love with them! It may simply indicate that you are feeling stuck and struggling to move on.

Dreaming About Your Family

Some people believe that dreaming of a family member who appears upset or frantic is an indication that trouble may be coming their way.

While not every dream is prophetic, definitely give them a phone call to make sure they are doing well.

Dreaming About Your Friend

If it is a pleasant dream, then you may simply be enjoying a few extra hours in the sleeping world with a person you care for. Friends can be like family to us, after all.

Dreaming About a Stranger

Strangers are just people we have yet to befriend. Do not fret or freak out if you have a dream about a stranger. This could be a sign that you are about to meet somebody new.

Depending on the overall vibe of the dream, you may be expecting an encounter with a potential love interest or possible best friend. Stay open to mingling and your questions will likely be answered in the waking world.

FAQs About Dreaming About Someone

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is it true that if I am dreaming about someone they are thinking of me?

Maybe. Dreaming of someone has a variety of meanings and depends on what is happening in your dream.

It is possible they are thinking of you or are trying to communicate something in dreams, but only time will tell.

Why do I keep having dreams about the same person romantically?

You may have repressed romantic desires toward them and wish to bring them out of the dream world and into reality.

What are the signs somebody is thinking of you?

Recurring dreams about somebody may mean they have been thinking about you.

Can your dreams tell you something?

Absolutely. Dreams are not random happenings but stem from the depths of our subconscious. They come from a corner of our minds we seldom have access to, and that means something!

While some dreams are just rehashing events of the day, others may carry an important message about healing, moving on, change, and the future.


Hopefully, this answered some of your burning questions — but do take into account that the pathway to enlightenment about your dreams resides within you.

You must be open-minded when trying to get to the bottom of what your dreams mean and be prepared for some unhappy truths when confronting the reality your dreams are speaking to.

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