What Does It Mean When You Dream About Sister

There are many ways that you can dream about your sister. Some are happy, while others are sad, upsetting, or even disturbing. Luckily, we can access the wisdom of our ancestors to figure out what our subconscious is trying to tell us.

Below, read about what various sister dreams might mean. That way, you can ease your mind and figure out how to act accordingly.

Sister Dreams and Their Meanings

Let’s demystify some of the most common dreams you may have had about sisters. Of course, if any of these situations are real for you (for example, if you’ve actually fought with your sister), keep that in mind and how reality might play into your nighttime visions.

Dream About Sister Dying

A death dream could have a few meanings. It could mean you feel disconnected from your sibling or haven’t made enough time for them lately. If you think this is the case, consider whether you need to invest more time in that relationship.

This dream could also mean that your sibling possesses some innate qualities you lack and need in your life. See if you can tap into their skills as a resource.

Dream About Dead Sister

Whether or not you have a sister that has passed, dreaming about that situation can have the same meaning. You feel a lack of connection, particularly the kind of female energy you get from a sister.

Try to spend time with your loved ones who identify as female and get in touch with your own feminine side.

Dream About Estranged Sister

A dream about an estranged sister usually indicates vulnerability and emotional openness. You may need to reach out or lend support to others in need.

On the other hand, some traditions believe this dream can soon be a premonition of unity or peace, even on a global scale.

Dream About Marrying My Sister

Marrying your sibling is taboo, so dreaming about it might mean you’re afraid of being under public scrutiny.

The source of this anxiety can be obvious, or you may have to dig deeper to unearth the source of your angst.

Dream About Fighting With Sister

A dream about fighting with your sister probably means that there’s a deep part of yourself that you’re grappling with as you fight an internal battle.

This is especially true if it involves a gendered issue or something to do with womanhood.

Dream About Protecting My Sister

Very often, when you dream about having to protect your sister, it means you’re harboring deep anxieties about people you love.

It can also mean that your self-protective mechanisms have kicked into high gear. In other words, you’re in “Mama Bear” mode.

Dream About Arguing With My Sister

Similar to fighting with your sister, dreams about arguing with her can mean that you’re dealing with internal turmoil.

It can also mean that you need to keep a more open mind regarding issues in your life.

girls arguing

Dream About Sex With Sister

Perhaps one of the most disturbing sister dreams you can have, a sex dream about your sister does not mean that’s something you desire.

Instead, it could mean that you’re craving closeness and comfort. It could also mean you’re afraid of violating societal norms or standing out.

Dream About Sister Being Pregnant

Anytime you dream about new life coming into your family, it’s a sign of wealth, prosperity, raised status, or another positive progression.

A dream about your sister being pregnant could mean that you’re especially hopeful for her prospects in the near future, even if they don’t necessarily involve children.

Dream About Sister Getting Divorced

A dream involving divorce can be a sign of poverty or loss, but it doesn’t have to be. It can also signify an ending of another kind.

A dream about your sister divorcing can relate to a period of change and transition in your life, especially your feminine energy.

Dream About Ex Dating My Sister

This particular type of dream says much more about you than it does about your sister or your ex. It is usually a sign of deep insecurity within yourself.

It may indicate that you are insecure about your relationship with your sister or how your relationship with your ex ended.

Dream About Sister Getting Kidnapped

A dream about your sister getting kidnapped could mean you are under threat, especially if you feel like someone more powerful is threatening you.

It could also mean that you’re feeling the need to distance yourself from women or a woman in your life who isn’t contributing to your well-being.

Dream About Sister Getting Married

If you dreamt that your sister got married and you were present at the ceremony, that usually signifies new beginnings. There could be someone about to come into your life or who you just met and has ignited a spark.

If the dream didn’t involve the actual wedding or if you weren’t there, it could mean you’re feeling some jealousy. Take a look at whether you need to fill your cup.

Dream About Sister Trying To Kill Me

Again, this dream tells you more about yourself than about your sister. If you dream about your sister trying to kill you, it probably means you feel intense shame or guilt about something.

You’re emotionally withdrawn or neglected. Take some time to look inward and take care of your needs first.

Dream About Sister Giving Birth

A dream about your sister’s pregnancy often relates to status or prestige in some way, but if you dream about her actual delivery, that’s different. Birth dreams are usually connected to personal rebirth.

Dream About Sister Moving Away

Since a sister is typically someone close to you, dreaming about them moving away could mean you’re afraid of being abandoned.

This might be especially relevant if you have been leaning on your sister or others in your life more than normal lately.


Sisters play critical roles in our lives and our psyches. They show up in dreams often, at times representing themselves and at other times standing in for something else in our lives and our hearts.

As you can see, there are many meanings behind dreams about sisters, depending on the situation and circumstances. Hopefully, these explanations have given you the clarity and insight you need.

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