What Does It Mean When You Dream About Killing Someone?

All dreams have meanings in one way or another, even the most shocking ones like killing someone. However, if you dream about killing someone, you might wake up distressed and unsure of yourself.

This dream is more than just your body rearranging thoughts from your daydreams about killing someone can have specific meanings for you spiritually and emotionally.

The Meaning of a Dream About Killing Someone

A dream about killing someone is disorienting and can be frightening. Once you wake up from this dream, you might be worried about it for some time.

However, just because you dream about something does not mean it will come true. So if you’re worried about the contents of a dream, look into the meaning of it and talk to someone you trust.


A dream about killing someone often represents an obstacle in your life that you need to overcome. This could be a relationship, unexpressed emotions, or a live event that is causing you distress and anger.

There are some specific cases of killing someone in your dream. However, a dream’s meaning largely depends on the situation.

Here are some common examples and their meanings.

Killing Someone in Self Defense

If you dream of killing someone in self-defense, it could represent what is hurting you or holding you back in life.

So it would be best if you stepped away from this situation to be free and safe.

Killing Someone and Hiding the Body

If you kill someone and hide the body in your dreams, it represents an emotion that has gone unrecognized.

Usually, this emotion is anger [1], but you are ashamed or have never felt like you can express it. This is why you are hiding the body.

Killing Someone to Protect Family

If you are killing someone in a dream to protect your family or loved ones, it represents something or someone endangering them in real life.

So while you don’t need to resort to violence, you can take action to protect those you love.

Killing Someone and Chopping Them Up

If you dream about chopping up a body after killing someone, you are ready for some change. You have been in the same negative situation for too long, and it’s time to make a difference in your life.

Killing Someone You Love

If you dream of killing someone you love, you could feel guilty about something you’ve done or said. This can be anything from a mean comment to a secret affair.

Make sure you keep everything out in the open and apologize for your actions.

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Killing Someone and Feeling Guilty

This is a natural reaction if you kill someone and feel guilty in a dream.

Murder represents a repressed emotion or negative feeling; if you let it out in an unhealthy way, you are likely to hurt those around you. After this outburst, you will feel guilty.

Killing Someone With Scissors

If you dream of killing someone with scissors, you might feel insecure and misunderstood in your life.

You need to find a place where you feel safe enough to speak up and make yourself heard.

Shooting and Killing Someone

Dreaming about shooting and killing someone represents a lack of power. You are stuck in a position with no power, and you want to be able to take control.

You should talk to a trusted loved one or a therapist about ways to get out of your situation.

Killing Someone With a Knife

If you dream about killing someone with a knife, there is already tension and betrayal in that relationship.

You need to discuss what has happened and bring everything out into the open instead of allowing your feelings to simmer.

Killing Someone Who Is Already Dead

If you dream of killing someone already dead, you are letting something pass by you.

You don’t want to let a golden opportunity get away from you. Instead, see what you could be doing differently in your life.

Killing Someone in a Car Accident

Dreaming about killing someone in a car accident can represent the lack of support you are receiving.

If you have this dream, you may be in a place where you feel lost and like you don’t have any support. However, this will pass.

Further reading: The Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Car Accident Dream

Killing Someone With Your Bare Hands

If you dream about killing someone with your bare hands, you should consider what feelings you might have that have not been dealt with. A violent dream could mean you have anger you must deal with.

FAQs About a Dream About Killing Someone

Here are some frequently asked questions about killing dreams and their answers. We hope they make your dreams clearer!

What is the Biblical meaning of killing someone in a dream?

In the Bible, one of the Ten Commandments [2] is to not kill.

If you dream about killing someone, this does not mean you are sinning. Instead, you can take it as a warning to control your temper and ensure you do not commit the sin of anger.

Anger is an emotion that even Jesus had. However, if you don’t let it out, you will hurt yourself and those around you. It’s important to keep your soul and spirit pure throughout your life.

What is the spiritual meaning of killing someone in a dream?

Usually, when you dream of killing someone, it means that you are troubled in your spirit. You have anger or sadness that hasn’t been dealt with properly. If you don’t deal with it, it will boil over and harm those around you and yourself.

This dream doesn’t mean that you are spiritually evil or dark. It simply means that something needs to be put right, and it’s up to you to do this. It will keep your spirit clean and open to new life and relationships.

Final Thoughts

Although a dream about killing someone can be distressing, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or that you have criminal intent.

Instead, it likely means that something in your life is out of control, and you need to find a way to express your feelings in a healthy manner.

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