Dream About Being Kidnapped: Learn the Meanings Here

Dreams about being kidnapped bring with them fear and insecurity.

It is bad enough to dream about it, but to experience, it would cause great emotional strain. If you ever wondered what these dreams mean, they carry significant symbolism.

The interpretations of these dreams may show your loss of control, feeling trapped, unwillingness to grow, and general insecurity.

Spiritual Meanings of Being Kidnapped in a Dream

Dreams of being kidnapped have varying meanings, depending on how they are conceptualized in your dream.


You may not be in a position where you feel comfortable in your social relationship.

Some things are happening in your life that causes great discomfort to you. These insecurities bring pain to you in your waking world.

Having such dreams may mean you are unsure of your own abilities and intrinsic value. You, therefore, are uncertain whether you are good enough or not.

Feeling of manipulation

It may be that someone is taking advantage of you in your waking life. Someone is trying to control your life without your consent, and you need to take charge of your life’s direction.

Loss of control

Dreams of being kidnapped leave you feeling powerless and out of touch.

A loss of control means you do not have the power to direct the course of your life. This powerlessness brings great concern to you in your waking world.

Trapped emotions

The powerlessness caused by being kidnapped may relate to you having emotions that you cannot project in the waking world.

You have a lot of emotions within you but cannot express them. It, therefore, limits your ability to express yourself.

Interpretation of Specific Kidnap Dreams

Some other scenarios can help you understand the meaning of your dreams.

Being Kidnapped and Held Hostage

You are in a state of vulnerability that causes you to lack control over the things happening in your life.

In such a case, you are feeling trapped and cannot leave the situation you are in. Although you may want to get out of it, you do not know how to help yourself.

If you have such dreams, you may need to find external help to overcome such difficult situations. Maybe speak to someone who can give you ideas for moving on.

Being Kidnapped and Escaping

You are trying to escape an uncomfortable situation in your life.

You have been trapped in a difficult situation for a while and are trying to rid yourself of it. The escaping bit shows your efforts to overcome the barrier.

Conversely, the dream may show your way of dealing with problems. You have some hidden emotions that you are escaping from, but you are dealing with them by evading rather than tackling them.

Being Kidnapped and Rescued

You have the wisdom and ability to forgive someone after some conflict.

The rescuing bit of your dream symbolizes forgiveness. While someone may have wronged you deeply, you can still have it in you to let go and let the ill feelings go.

Being Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted

This dream is horrifying! It could mean you are afraid of committing to certain relationships and situations.

A certain timidity about your nature prevents you from handling yourself with more confidence.

Also, you may be worn out by an emotional issue in your waking world. This strain causes you to lack peace and comfort.

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Being Kidnapped and Tortured

There is a lot of distress and pain in your waking world.

You may be going through rough patches that cause a lot of strain. In some instances, this pain comes from social relationships that come with emotional pain.

This dream is your subconscious way of letting you know you need to let go of a toxic relationship or friendship that you are in.

Being Drugged and Kidnapped

You are exposing yourself to more risk than is necessary.

This dream may carry a hidden meaning behind it: you are surrounded by people you cannot fully trust. These individuals can cause you to harm through their reckless actions.

Being Kidnapped and Killing the Kidnapper

You are making efforts to ward off negative energy in your life.

This negative energy may be responsible for failing to hit your targets in real life and maybe a person or a scenario you find yourself in. It shows you are on a path of gaining ground on some pertinent problems around your life.

Having such dreams may also mean you are setting the groundwork for your future success. The journey may be messy and scary, but the result will benefit you.

Being Stalked and Kidnapped

Someone who is close to you is working in the shadows to disorient your life.

This person is trying to manipulate your life. It would help if you were wary of those around you, sought to understand their real intentions, and established whether they should be around you.

This dream may also suggest there is some negative energy around you. The dark energy around you can negatively impact the waking world.

Being Kidnapped and Shot

Weirdly enough, this dream means you are reaching out to a more adventurous side of yourself.

Your dream is your subconscious trying to let you know you have allowed yourself to be too reserved. You may need to get out there and make more meaning of your life.

If you have such a dream, this may be a message to be more proactive. You have allowed yourself to get too comfortable where you are in life. It would be best if you had a jolt to propel you forward.

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Being Kidnapped and Murdered

This dream is a suspicion of an imbalance that is about to occur in your life.

A grave danger is looming around you, which could cause irreversible effects. You still have time to avert the situation, but you must act quickly.

This dream comes as a warning and a call to action. It would help if you were quick about scanning your environment for dangers and preventing their occurrence in advance.

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Being Kidnapped while Pregnant

You pursue comfort and companionship, but life’s problems are in your way.

You desire to eliminate these problems because you have a clear image of what you want. These dreams come to you because you know what needs to be done, and your subconscious reminds you of it.

Once you overcome these challenges, you will start a new life without the preexisting challenges.

Being Kidnapped by Someone You Know

Your subconscious is trying to communicate your lack of trust for the kidnapper. They may be close to you, and you have previously trusted them.

But there are traits about them that are obvious red flags. It would be best if you were cautious in your dealings with them.

These dreams come because of your inaction against people who mean you harm. You need to trust your intuition and protect yourself.

Being Kidnapped by a Family Member

There is a rift that has developed between you and your family.

This rift may be because of a family feud that has occurred recently and is yet to be resolved. As a result, you feel emotionally trapped and do not know how to express it.

You may have to speak to the person and iron out your differences with them.

Being Kidnapped by an Ex-Boyfriend

You may have gone different paths, but you still have an emotional connection with your ex-boyfriend.

The physical breakup has not done anything to sever your connection, and it may take time before your feelings for him fade away.

This dream informs you of the hidden feelings you may be trying to ignore. They are still present and need you to work on letting go slowly.

Dreaming About Being Kidnapped by A Stranger

You have been working to build a relationship with someone because they can help you.

Your intentions in building that friendship are selfish; you only look at how you will benefit, even if it is at the expense of another.

If you have such dreams, you must evaluate your personality and how you impact those around you.

Someone Else Being Kidnapped

This dream could have two meanings.

One, the person being kidnapped is in imminent danger. They will face struggles that could harm them, and you may have a role to play in assisting them. If you are concerned enough, you can warn them to be more careful.

The second meaning may revolve around your envy of the person. You wish you had the qualities they possess and even feel jealous of the positions the person holds.

The Next Step for You

There are various incidences of kidnapping dreams. All these incidents can be interpreted to have their meaning. But they carry symbolism and messages for what is happening in your waking world.

If the thought of a kidnapping scares you, you must put some thought into what the meaning of the dream may be.

Prepare your mind for internalizing different kidnapping dreams’ meanings; like that, you will be ready to deal with the danger it signifies.

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