Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Dreams About Babies

Babies are tiny but mighty. Whether you spend every day in the presence of the newest human beings, or it’s been months since you last saw a baby, everyone has a relationship to the concept of infants.

Dreams about babies may seem straightforward, but with newborns, infants, and toddlers representing so much to our minds and hearts, there is plenty of room for interpretation far beyond the literal regarding dreams about babies.

Here, we’ll explore the spiritual and Biblical meanings of dreaming about babies.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About Babies

Dreams about babies are often attempts from the spiritual realm to communicate with the waking mind, and they have a wide variety of meanings and purposes.

Dream of Having a Baby

Many people assume that dreams about having a baby mean that you are pregnant or that your spouse is pregnant.

However, there are many meanings to dreams about having a baby that does not indicate pregnancy at all.

In dreams, a baby often symbolizes a fresh, unencumbered beginning. Have you ever heard someone refer to a big project at work or a significant home renovation as their ‘baby’?

Dreams about having a baby may indicate you are in a growth phase of life [1], bringing something new into existence.

Dream of Holding a Baby in Your Arms

Holding a baby goes much deeper than physical action. To carry a human life means assuming responsibility for its welfare.

To hold an infant, you cradle its soft head, carefully supporting its weak neck, monitoring it for distress and even the rare sign of joy or laughter.

Dreams of holding a baby in your arms indicate that you are feeling stewardship of something delicate. Your care and attention are focused on something small and defenseless.

Dream of a Newborn Baby

Something new and exciting has entered your life. Greet it with open arms and an open mind to best reap the rewards of its coming.

Dream of a Baby Walking

Your new passion has taken flight! Seeing an ambulatory baby in your dreams may indicate that you are ready to take unsteady steps into the unknown.

Dream of Having a Baby Boy With Your Ex

Just when you’ve removed a toxic masculine presence [2] in your life, you dream about him returning and bringing a lifelong commitment with him.

This dream warns you to guard yourself and your virtues from those attempting to use your strength against you.

Dream of Dropping a Baby

Dreams about dropping a baby often come from places of deep guilt over an accident. Work on forgiving yourself for mistakes of the past that cannot be changed.

Dream of a Dead Baby

This dream tends to terrify those who experience it, understandably so.

However, dreams of a dead baby do not mean the imminent loss of human life. They are a manifestation of human grief, even if the loss has not happened.

We are naturally inclined to be scared of loss. Turn to loved ones for comfort and reassurance.

Dream of a Baby Drowning

As terrifying as dreams of a dead baby may be, the iconography of dreaming of a drowning baby can shake some people to their souls.

This dream can indicate a total loss of control over what matters most to you. Think of the helplessness of realizing a child is caught in the river’s current and that you cannot save them.

To combat this feeling of helplessness, have emergency plans and safety nets in place for you and your loved ones.

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Biblical Meanings of Dreams About Babies

The Bible lends a lot of guidance when it comes to dreams, and its parables and stories can help us comprehend our dreams.

Dream of a Baby Girl

Women in the Bible have devoted followers of Christ and devoted wives to some of the greatest prophets.

Dreams of having a baby girl may indicate that you are feeling connected to the strength of biblical women such as the defiant Esther, the persevering Ruth, or even Moses’ mother, Jochebed [3].

Dream of Having a Baby Boy

Dreams about having a baby boy may show that you are feeling connected to Christ and his disciples.

Revisiting the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John may help you feel calmed and focused should you find yourself needing guidance.

Dream of Adopting a Baby

Many biblical people were adopted or lived in untraditional family situations. Your connection to Moses, liberator of the slaves of Egypt, may be stronger during these times.

Focus on freedom and what you can do to uplift your people.

Dream of Seeing an Unknown Baby

Dreaming about seeing an unknown baby may connect directly to the birth of Jesus Christ and elements of the Christmas story.

This may mean that you are missing the sense of unity brought by the winter holidays. Make time to make merry, regardless of the season.

Dream of Giving Birth to a Baby When Not Pregnant

As the virgin Mother Mary bore a miraculous son, you too have dreamt of an immaculate conception of your own. However, it’s unlikely that you are the bringer of the second coming.

Dreams of giving birth to a baby when you are not pregnant can originate from a place of being one with the Lord, as Mary was his devoted servant.

FAQs About Dreaming About Babies

Here are some commonly asked questions about dreaming with babies.

What do babies represent spiritually?

In a spiritual sense, babies can represent many things. They are associated with new beginnings, tenderness, innocence, defenselessness, great need, and fresh starts.

As the newest members of humankind, babies often represent the best part of us: our potential.

Why do I dream about a baby boy?

Dreaming about a baby boy may indicate a need to increase the masculine presence in your life.

Alternatively, it could suggest that a masculine presence already presents in your life is worth investing in and nurturing.

It may be the time to mentor and care for a young man or boy you have yet to grow close to.

What does it mean to dream of two babies?

Any parent of twins can tell you that one baby is a handful and that two mean there are never enough hands to go around. Dreams of two babies may indicate a growing sense of being overwhelmed.

Alternatively, it could indicate a bounty of new blessings coming your way.


Babies represent so much more than what their tiny bodies hold, and dreams about them can hold various meanings.

If you dream about a baby, the right interpretation for you will depend on what you are going through and your place on your spiritual journey.

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