Crocodile Dream Meaning – Different Scenarios And Interpretations

crocodile dreams

Crocodiles are fascinating reptiles. They inspire awe and fear with their giant jaws, sharp teeth, and powerful tails. Long before humans dominated life on earth, crocodiles have been lurking in the shallow waters waiting for prey for millions of years. Throughout history, encounters with crocodiles have always ended up badly for humans. It’s no wonder …

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What Do Dreams About a Fox Mean?

fox dream

Have you ever heard the idiom as cunning as a fox? There is a reason why foxes are related to intelligent and cunning nature. These small species of the dog family are always known to stay a foot ahead. In your dreams, foxes represent deceit, mistrust, intelligence, and sometimes paranoia. Your dreams come in different …

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What Does Dream of Cockroaches Mean to You?

kill cockroach

Dreams about cockroaches inspire little but feelings of disgust, filth, and hatred. Even in real life, these pests are considered a nuisance by many. Roaches dreams, therefore, represent unclean things in and around our lives. Such experiences and dreams cause disgust in your dreams and the waking world. If you have these dreams, there is …

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What Do Dreams About Worms Mean? Is It Good or Bad?

worm dreams

Dreaming about worms, generally, is believed to be a bad omen. Ever dreamt about worms? What was the dream about, and what did it signify? Worms are tiny creatures believed to be harmless, which is not always the case. Worms can cause very serious illnesses in humans that can result in death. Dreaming about worms …

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Dream About Sharks: What’s the Meaning?

shark dreams

Sharks are one of the deadliest and most fierce predators known to humankind. It is, therefore, not strange that even in dreams, these predators are seen as objects that inspire fear and a sense of danger. But other than danger, sharks also represent power, anger, and impulse reactions. Most of the symbolism behind shark dreams …

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Dream About Crabs: Symbolism & Interpretation

crab dream

Dreams about crabs have been reported when the dreamer is insecure about occurrences in the waking world. If you have such dreams, they point at your weaknesses, insecurities, and vulnerability. But these dreams may also symbolize strength and defense. That preliminary introduction may have seemed a bit harsh on interpreting these dreams. However, we will …

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What is the Meaning of Frogs in a Dream?

red eye frog

The famous expression, you have to kiss a frog, has a less talked about ending- For you to find the prince. Let us bring this closer to our understanding. The story of the princess who kissed the frog and it turned into a prince is quite popular. Does it ring a bell? Frogs evoke different …

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Dreaming of Ants: What Psychologists Say About This

ant dreams

Do you believe ants can carry up to five times their body weight? That fact rubs in the truth about ants being symbols of hard work, commitment, and collaboration. It has often been said that they are as hardworking as ants. If we could learn a thing or two from these tiny insects, we would …

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Dream About Bats: Here Are the Meanings

bats flying

Bats are traditionally associated with the dark. They evoke fear and gothic presence, largely because of their portrayal in popular cultures like Dracula and the Dark Knight. As a result, whenever we think of bats, we imagine the horror. But did you know, other than what they represent in the waking world, bat dreams carry …

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Meanings of Hummingbird Dreams, According to Dream Experts

hummingbird dream

Have you ever wondered why hummingbirds are considered totem animals? Though significantly smaller than most, these birds exude robustness that is not seen in most bird species. The hummingbird’s swiftness, aesthetic, and flirtatiousness are a figure of awe. If you ever have dreams of hummingbirds, that is a good omen. Hummingbirds represent good fortune, efficiency, …

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