What Does It Mean to Dream About an Old Friend?

When we dream, a series of thoughts, aspirations, and sensations occur while we’re asleep. Often we’ll sit with the feelings from our dreams for a whole day. Understanding our dreams and our feelings towards them is the first step in unpacking the “why” behind our dreams.

So, what does it mean when we dream about an old friend? There are several different ways to interpret our dreams, be it spiritual, psychological, or religious.

In this article, we’ll dive into what it means to dream of an old friend and try to understand the hidden meaning and its association with life today.

What Is the Meaning Behind the Dreams of an Old Friend?

Old friends often symbolize the past and represent a wide range of feelings – both positive and negative. Let’s take a closer look at the different meanings of our dreams and how they are connected with life today.

Longing for Youth

Our childhood establishes the groundwork for the rest of our lives. Childhood is the time in which we are taken care of by our parents, our general needs are met, and our lives consist of eating, sleeping, and playing.

Adulthood comes with an abundance of responsibility, hardships, and uncertainty, so it’s only normal to dream of carefree days. But what does it mean to dream about an old childhood friend?

It could mean that you’re longing for the innocence and freedom of youth and the simplicity that it brings. It could also be that adulthood is holding you down and your inner child wants to escape!

Missing Sentiments From the Past

As we go through life, we enter relationships that help shape and form the people that we are today. Dreaming of an old friend could mean that you miss the person that you were when you were friends with them.

It could also mean that you simply miss the characteristics of that friend and that you long to see those characteristics in yourself or your current friends.

Overworking and Breakdowns

Besides longing for the innocence and freedom of childhood, dreaming about an old friend might have a more particular meaning. It could be symbolic of the type of games you played and the structure of the friendship that you long for.

This could represent a sense of overwhelmingness in your work or personal life. If this is the case, maybe taking time to rest and reset is the answer to your restless dream.

Get It Together

Sometimes our dreams mean the opposite of what we think. For example; dreaming of an old friend who is now all grown up could be your subconscious mind telling you to move on and develop a more mature outlook on life.

So if you’re dreaming about old friends who appear more mature, you could have an inner need to start growing up.

Returning To Old Habits

From daycare to middle school and senior high – we associate with different humans who share our interests, qualities, and worldviews. Friends come and go throughout life and we tend to learn lessons from each and every one of them.

Consider your relationship with the friend in your dream, was their influence on your life a good or bad one? Your dream could be a sign that there is a negative influence in your life as a grown adult, or it could be an encouragement to regain some of the positive qualities of that old friend.

Needing Closure

Some people need answers for the events of their life and why they find themselves where they do. Seeking closure can help answer the cause of certain losses and resolve the painful feelings they’ve created.

Sometimes losing a friend happens without a known cause or reason. Maybe something or someone in your life reminded you of this old friend and the relationship that you shared. Reaching out to them to find answers will help you gain closure from the old friendship.

Relationship Related

Relationships encompass the conscious and subconscious traits of both parties and merges them to form one seamless unit. Some of us have a small select group of friends while others thrive off of having many.

Dreaming about a past friendship could signify the type of relationship that you had and what you’re lacking in your current relationships. Whether that be fun, trust, honesty or loyalty, it’s important to always assess the relationships you have in order to better interpret your dreams.

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Some people speculate that middle school friends will be by your side forever, some believe it’s our college friends. Regardless, we all have friends from the past that we look back at with longing.

If you find yourself dreaming of someone from your past that you’d love to be friends with again, you might be missing an element in your current friend circle.

Emotional Intimacy

Dreaming of an old friend that you were once in love with or had feelings for could signify that you are ready for a romantic relationship. It’s a indication of confidence and self-esteem to dream of an old friend that you had secret feelings for.

It might be time to remind yourself of how awesome and loveable you are, and put yourself out there.

Social Phobia

Waking from a dream of rejection from an old friend could set your emotional tone for the whole day. Dreams that feel real are due to subconscious feelings in our lives.

If you dream of rejection from an old friend it’s usually because you fear being rejected by your current friends in life.


Dreaming about going out with, kissing, or even marrying an old friend is your subconscious mind telling you that you’ve accepted yourself for who you are.

You’ve completely accepted yourself and have the ability to embrace who you are without qualifications, conditions or exceptions. A dream like this means that you’re unmoved by what others think of you.

Social Revamp

Dreaming about an old acquaintance from your past who is all of a sudden acting like your best mate might be a sign that it’s time to categorize the status of your relationships. You might find that some would fall into an acquaintance or colleague.

Sometimes our subconscious brain reminds us of who our friends are and when we should look out for new ones.

Deep-rooted Resentment

Or minds are a powerful tool. We have over 6000 thoughts flowing through our brains in one day but we arent always aware of what’s on our minds or what’s happenening in our hearts.

Dreaming about killing an old friend could mean that you have a hidden rage or deep-rooted resentment. It’s important to understand where the dream stings the most and how to heal from the pain.

TLC is Required

Sometimes the true meaning of our dreams doesn’t come close to how we see or understand it. Dreaming of old friends in different scenarios generally isn’t about the friend at all. It’s more focused on the emotions and memories they evoke.

More often than not, our dreams show us the warmth, empathy, and belonging that our old friends gave us. Focus on the people in your life today who are able to provide you with the same amount of love and support.

Unpacking Different Scenarios

Dreaming about an old friend could include some hidden messages, below you will find answers to the finer details of your dreams:

Hugging an old friend

This could be symbolic of a message for clarity and understanding. You’re ready to tell someone something you’ve been keeping to yourself. It’s possible that you believe people can see straight through you and your intentions.

Talking to an old friend

Dreaming of talking to an old friend symbolizes a sense of masculine dominance. Even by using shady methods, you are going to considerable lengths to try to obtain something. You are defining limits and drawing the line.

An old friend dying

Dreaming of an old friend passing away represents signs of mistrust and worry. You believe you are in control but you are worried about your upcoming events. Your dream is a metaphor for your need for order and focus in your life.

An old friend visiting you

It is symbolic of your willingness to share or help others in their time of need. You might be undergoing a transitional phase whereby you’ll become more aware of your surroundings and those you choose to spend your time with.

An old friend trying to kill you

An old friend trying to kill you in a dream is a message of spiritual regeneration and healing. You don’t want to face a painful or unsettling portion of your subconscious because you have been wounded by someone.

An old friend turned enemy

An old friend turned enemy in dream is a sign of the difficulties and obstacles you have faced in life and conquered. Additionally, you must seize the chances that are given to you. The good times will soon come to a sudden end.

An old friend who passed away

When you dream about a deceased friend, it represents a bond from a previous time that you seem to miss in the present. Deeper emotional ties with your best friend are implied by the dream. It also represents whatever unfinished business, regrets, or guilt you may actually be holding.

An old friend you fell out with

Our dreams frequently represent our own thoughts and the things we most strongly desire in life. When you dream of an old friend, your subconscious mind is attempting to heal you while you’re asleep.

An old friend falling pregnant

Dreaming of an old friend getting pregnant represents harmony and balance in your life. It’s time to move on and consider what lies ahead.

FAQs About Old Friend Dreams

Is it true that if you see someone in your dream, they miss you?

According to an old proverb, when you dream about someone, it implies they are missing you. It’s a beautiful thought, but not quite accurate.

Is it good or bad to dream of an old friend?

It all depends on the context of your dream. Sometimes dreaming about old friends brings a positive message. However, it could also bring about some warning signs to look out for in your life and current relationships.

What does it mean to dream about someone you are no longer friends with?

This reflects a component of your personality that you struggle with when you dream about someone you are no longer close with.

Your subconscious mind will reveal a person that you link with that sensation when you suppress a portion of who you are for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about old friends causes us to mirror how we act and respond in real life. Old friends in dreams represent the need for empathy and attention, so if these qualities are lacking in your life, they need to be taken care of.

Understanding our dreams, however complex they might be, helps us to process them and apply what we learn to our everyday life. Dreams are our minds telling us something that we don’t otherwise know.

Our blindspots are where our subconscious mind steps in to point out flaws in our lives or our personalities. That said, our dreams can help us with figuring out how to improve our quality of life.

Even while it is a good sign if you’ve had dreams involving old friends, chances are that if you haven’t had this dream yet, you will undoubtedly experience it at some point in the future.

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