Dream About Someone Trying To Kill Me: Hidden Meanings

man with sword

Death-related dreams are scary visions that often represent your anxieties or desires in the physical world. Typically, dreams of this nature can relate to matters of control or other conflicts. You may struggle to take control of your life, translating into this nightmare. Luckily, once you wake up, the terrifying scene is over, and you …

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Suicide?

dream of suicide

Dreams about suicide are very upsetting. Feelings of unease and anxiousness often follow, and you are bound to question the meaning of a dream about suicide. It’s good to be curious about what a dream about suicide means, as you can interpret quite a bit from each possible scenario. Dreaming About Committing Suicide: Interpretations When …

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Dream About Missing a Flight: Meanings You Should Note

miss flight meaning

Missing a flight is a real fear people struggle with every day. And to dream that you miss your flight is somewhat familiar, too. Your dream interpretation is not always as easy as taking the nighttime vision literally. Usually, there is a deeper meaning as to why specific scenarios and symbols appear. So, what does …

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What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually/Biblically?

flying dreams

Dreams can help us to solve problems while we’re fast asleep. Flying is a common dream, but what does it mean? A study suggests that many individuals who have flying dreams also experience lucid dreaming [1]. If you’re aware that you’re asleep and choose to fly, consider why you choose to do so. Below is …

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Dreaming of Getting Stabbed Meanings & Interpretations

knife stab heart

Dream analysis helps us understand hidden desires and complicated feelings. Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, healing strained muscles and allowing our minds to categorize and interpret stimuli. Dreaming of getting stabbed carries strong messages of betrayal, envy, or desire for revenge. This imagery within a dream may represent an overreaction or even a …

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Dream About Kissing Someone You Know or Don’t Know Meanings

dream of kissing

Did you know the average person dreams four to six times per night? Many of those dreams have a meaning, but it’s hard to interpret them because they’re very subjective. Our subconscious “speaks” through symbols. One of the common dreams people have is about kissing someone. It could be someone you know or someone you …

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Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About Your Partner Cheating

dream of partner cheating

When you dream, your brain often rearranges your thoughts from the day. However, dreams can also be signs from the universe. If you’ve had a vivid or frightening dream, you might need to dive into the meaning of the dream. Dreams of a cheating partner are some of the worst dreams to have. You wake …

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15 Spiritual Meanings of Throwing Up in a Dream

dreaming of throwing up meaning

Are you someone who remembers their dreams? Dreams can be strange, vivid, and sometimes even disturbing. However, it’s widely believed that dreams help us process emotions, sort through memories, and provide a way for our brains to practice dealing with challenging situations. Determining the meaning of dreams can be puzzling, but they can also offer …

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Spiritual Meanings of Being Shot At in a Dream But Not Dying

dream of being shot

If you’ve dreamt of being shot at, you may have awakened distressed and confused. Luckily, this type of dream generally is not a literal prediction. Key Takeaways One possible meaning of being shot at in a dream is that you may be punishing yourself for something you’ve done. The most likely scenario is that you’ve …

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