What Does Dog Biting in Dream Mean?

There is a reason why dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. Maybe it is because of the fierce loyalty and companionship they have provided to human beings for generations.

So, what does it mean if you dream of a dog biting you?

Dreams about a dog biting you may mean you have deep insecurities about something close to you. It is a common feeling sometimes to have doubts about what is happening around your life.

The dream could also mean you feel threatened and hurt by someone close to you. These dreams warn of potential occurrences that may cause difficulties in your waking world.

Different Meanings of Dreams About Dog Biting

These dreams come with a lot of symbolism, some of which are widely accepted as true. If you have such dreams, there are some probable meanings that we will discuss.


Are you confident that the people closest to you can be trusted? Your friends, and even family, there is an odd chance one of those close to you may be betraying you.

Their actions have the potential to affect you in the waking world, and as such, your subconscious tries to warn you through dreams.

The funny thing about being human is we always try to see the best in family and friends, even when there are red flags. Your ignorance of these warning alerts may cause your recurring dreams.

Threats and Hurt

The severity of the dog bite symbolizes how deeply you have been hurt in the waking world. What do you think of when we talk of pain?

Some may limit it to physical pain, but it reaches emotional, mental, and even financial hurt.

If you were to interpret what sort of threat or harm you have suffered, you would need to relate it to what is happening in your world. Such harm often originates from those close to you.

This interpretation is not supposed to make you delusional, just informed.

Emotional Negativity

Let us put this straight; it is impossible to live without ever coming across someone you strongly dislike.

Sometimes these people have done nothing to warrant it, and sometimes they have been a pain in the back. In either scenario, your dreams about dog bites may show you the negative emotions you are harboring.

Whether the feelings are warranted, you must do everything within your power to let go. These emotions tend to weigh us down. It is like walking with a piece of baggage on your head, yet it serves no purpose in your life.

Should I be Worried About My Dreams of Dog Biting?

Your dreams carry various meanings and symbolism. But preliminarily, you can already tell most of these interpretations will lean towards the negative.

When confronted with dog attacking dreams, you need not worry because some serve as warnings of this that may happen.

We will need to dive into some more specific scenarios that may match your dream and what that may mean for you.

Dream of Dog Biting My Hand

Someone very close to you bears feelings of resentment towards you.

For a dog to bite your hand, it has to be in proximity. And therefore, this dream represents someone you live with, interact with, and know personally.

The funny thing about those closest to us is we tend to ignore the obvious clues the most. Maybe you have angered the person with your words and actions. These things have created a conflict between you, which you may be ignorant of, but the offended has not let go of their anger.

Such a dream may be a warning for you to make peace with anyone close to you that you may have recently offended before they act on their anger.

bad dog

Dream of Dog Bite on Leg

This dream is similar to a dream about being bitten on your hand.

A bite on your leg is also a threat from nearby. But, to be more specific, this dream symbolizes the deep regret and guilt you bear because of your past actions.

There are parts of your past that you would rather keep buried, yes?

The proverbial skeleton in the closet that you would not want to be exposed to under any circumstance. The dream is likely your guilt because of an offense against someone close to you.

Your actions in the past have hurt that person, and you are guilty about how it all played out. What is the remedy?

The remedy is to make peace while you can. Such dreams can be taken to symbolize a premonition. The foreshadowing of the offended retaliating if you do not seek them out to apologize.

Dream of Dog Bite on Buttocks

There is something admittedly funny about this dream. But its symbolism and meaning are anything but funny.

A dog bite on buttocks in a dream would mean you have chosen to live carefree, disregarding your health and lifestyle.

The dream is taken as one of two things; either your behavior has become toxic, or you have too much emotional clutter that needs sorting. Either way, your actions will harm your physical and psychological health if you do not act fast.

While this dream may sound damning, it calls for you to act fast and prevent damage.

Dream of Dog Biting and Not Letting Go

Have you ever been confronted by a situation that causes much anguish but has no solution?

If you have these dreams of a dog biting and not letting go, then there is no need to answer that question. That dream is a sign of a consistent problem that you have no solution to.

It may also be a message that you are overwhelmed by emotions causing negative feelings in your life. These are things you cannot control despite your efforts.

So, what to do then? Should you give in?

No. The dream may be your subconscious trying to let you know you need to seek assistance. You are out of your depth and need someone to assist with the problems.

Dream of Dog Biting Someone Else

The person in question may be a stranger or someone known to you. And this dream points to the aggression you may have against that person.

Sometimes it may not be anger but another negative emotional reaction like envy, hate and disregard.

Your dream should signal you to let go of this negativity. It may cause the other person harm either in their physical or mental well-being.

Biblical Meaning of Dog Biting Me Dreams

If you are a dog person, this symbolism may not be what you want to hear. In the Bible, a dog is regarded as a symbol of deceit and evil.

The translation of your dream boils down to some of what is already discussed in the specific scenarios. Someone close to you is likely going to betray your trust.

The biblical interpretation, therefore, warns you to be careful of what is happening in and around your life. There is this saying, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. This symbolism argues that these friends who appear close may need to be checked.

An alternate view suggests the dog bit may symbolize a dangerous disease that will affect you shortly-one which may cause your health to decline rapidly.

Spiritual Meaning of Dog Biting in Dreams

Contrary to the Biblical meaning, dogs have positive spiritual symbolism.

They are seen as the epitome of faithfulness, companionship, and devotion. It makes sense why the dog is known as man’s best friend and the first animal to be domesticated.

If dogs represent companionship, then a dream about getting bitten by a dog means someone close to you will betray you.

There is a strong similarity between your dream’s Biblical and Secular meanings. You need to be careful with your relationships and note any change of behaviors towards you.

Islamic Meaning of Dog Biting in Dreams

In Islam, dogs are too considered a sign of the unholy. This interpretation is similar to what we have seen from the Biblical perspective. And, the dream may signify an attack headed toward you.

There is someone who bears ill intent towards you and is willing to cause you physical and emotional harm because of it. You must tread more carefully with those familiar to you and even strangers. Their actions may cause great physical or financial loss to you.

Editor’s Comment

Dreams about a dog biting you will always interpret as a betrayal looming in the shadows.

Mostly the betrayal comes from those in and around your life. It may be a sign to keep your eyes open for happenings in the waking world.

These dreams are not just imaginations; they are messages and symbols that you should pay attention to. If you take them as exemplary, you may manage to evade the dangers that lie ahead.

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