Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking to You: Meanings to Note

Dreaming of someone you lost can have a variety of meanings. This article will explore all the possible meanings of these dreams.

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you can be terrifying. However, there is rarely a negative meaning to encountering a loved one in the world of dreams.

After all, once someone is beyond this world, the only time to meet with them is in our sleep.

Dreams about the departed are common and can take many meanings depending on your relationship with the deceased.

The Person You Talked to & Their Meanings

Death is a difficult subject, and much of our cultural, mental [1], and spiritual energy is devoted to trying to comprehend and accept it.

Understanding dreams about departed loved ones can be complicated by the nature of the relationship you once had with them.

To understand a dream with a dead person talking to you, you must clarify your relationship with them.

Dreaming of Dead Father Talking to You

Dreaming of your dead father evokes the masculine presence he once held in your life.

To understand your father’s presence in your dreams, remember why he spoke to you. A tone of caution may indicate that some of your life decisions may be re-evaluated.

As a protector, he may be trying to save you from unsavory effects that are difficult to see presently.

Dreaming of Dead Mother Talking to You

Mothers represent nurturing and gentleness. Speaking with your departed mother may indicate that you have failed to properly care for yourself recently or even failed to allow yourself to be cared for.

Take time to slow down and feed yourself, bathe yourself, and rest. Do not push through exhaustion or pain.

Dreaming of Dead Brother Talking to You

Brothers serve important foils in our childhoods, from routing bullies to ribbing you at your wedding. Look for opportunities for laughter, boisterousness, for adventures.

The presence of a brother in your dreams may indicate that you have lost a sense of adventure. Fear not the skinned knee or silly scrape; your brother has dealt with it all and more.

Dreaming of Dead Sister Talking to You

Sisters may be one of the greatest sources of annoyances on the planet while growing up, but as families hurtle into adulthood, they prove to be ever-loving sources of light and inspiration.

Speaking to your sister, notice if you feel calm or agitated.

She may be whispering into your ear her judgment on your latest romantic escapades or perhaps pushing you to be more daring with your wardrobe.

She may be embracing you, reminding you that it is only a matter of time until you get to talk again.

Dreaming of Dead Relatives Talking to You

Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and godparents are all valuable relationships we have in this life.

It’s hard to say with certainty that being visited by a departed first cousin is much different than being visited by a great aunt once removed.

What matters is reflecting on what that person meant to you and what purpose they served in your life.

Dreaming of a Dead Friend Talking to You

Dreaming of a dead friend may remind you of the jovial times of our youth and the feelings we once had of being supported and cherished.

Make sure to schedule time with your friends and receive that support from your community.

Dreaming of Any Dead Loved One Talking to You

Try to listen to what is said in your dreams carefully when dreaming of a departed loved one. Remember dreams are rarely literal.

Should the loved one warn of a storm, for example, understand it to more likely mean a storm of the heart or circumstances over a physical hurricane?

Take what they heed to heart and cherish the return of their memory.

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Biblical Meaning of Talking to a Dead People in a Dream

The Bible features death over and over, especially in the New Testament. The New Testament is about Christ’s relationship with his early death and his miraculous return.

The biblical meaning of conversing with dead loved ones can have an incredible diversity of meanings.

Take Lazarus [2], for example. His sisters mourned his passing, only for Christ to raise him from the dead. Dreams of seeing a dead brother may indicate that you will be reunited later in your spiritual journey.

In the Bible, death also befalls the wicked, like when the ten plagues of Egypt [3] decimated the Egyptians.

Dreams of death may represent a period of the downfall of an oppressor and new opportunities after the pain has passed.

FAQs About Dreaming of a Dead People Talking to You

Here are some frequently asked questions about dreaming of a dead loved one.

What is the meaning of a dead person asking for something in a dream?

It can be deeply upsetting and disturbing to have a dead person ask for something in a dream.

However, it is not usually an indication of any sort of haunting. If the person is a loved one, they are likely trying to get you to find something you need.

For example, if your grandmother asks you to find her wedding ring, she is asking you to manage her possessions and cherish them for the heirlooms they are.

Can a dead person talk to you in your dreams?

The messages carried in dreams are of significance whether the dead are speaking to you or not. Our connections to one another do not fade when one of us passes on to our next journey.

Take dreams of the dead not as literal interactions with those who have passed on. Rather, they are opportunities to reflect on what their memory means to you.

Is it good to see dead people in your dreams?

Seeing the dead in dreams may feel terrifying. However, it is usually not a bad thing to see dead people in your dreams.

Omens can help guide us and teach us things that our subconscious spirit is struggling to convey.

Loss is a human emotion, and experiencing it in dreams only confirms that we are still working through life.


Whether you have dreamt of a dead parent, dead sibling, or a friend who has been lost know that their presence does not signify darkness or despair.

Thoughts and dreams of death may scare you, but ultimately they are opportunities to appreciate the love we have received in life, even from those who are no longer with us.

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