What Does Crying in Dream Mean?

Crying dreams can be a good or bad sign. Crying in the waking world is an expression of your feelings and emotions. It symbolizes happiness or sadness depending on an individual’s emotion.

Crying is an expression of sadness and agony. It helps relieve the pain of the loss of a loved one. It can also express gratitude and happiness for achieving a milestone or that of a loved one.

Crying dreams can signify an emotional burden weighing you down, and you must resolve your issues before they affect your daily life.

What Does It Mean When Dream of Crying

Crying dreams have different meanings in the waking world. These meanings depend on the type of crying dream and what you are going through. It’s a message from your subconscious about what you need to address in your life.

These are some of the meanings of crying dreams.

Crying and Screaming

Dreams about crying and screaming are a sign of the emotional burden of the dreamer. Crying and screaming in the waking world is an expression of the pain and agony of an individual.

This is the same case in dreams; the subconscious is trying to communicate these feelings and emotions that should be addressed by the dreamer to relieve the pain.

The dreamer may need to address these feelings and emotions, which may overwhelm them if pushed away.

Crying Blood

Dreams about crying blood are a sign that you have a hidden fear that may emerge if not addressed by the dreamer. The occurrence of such an incident is rare and close to impossible in real life. But when it occurs in your dream, it is a concern to be worried about.

Crying blood is a sign of fear and poor handling of your fears. Fear is a normal reaction, but how you deal with it defines your peace of mind. This dream is a message to understand and deal with your fear.

Crying in the Rain

Dreams about you crying in the rain come with positive and negative connotations. The positive one is a symbol of your reception to new ideas. Rain has often been taken to mean fertility. Therefore, if you dream of crying in the rain, you are open to new ideas and plans.

Crying in the rain may also come with negative symbolism.

Sometimes, this dream may also mean you are letting your emotions inhibit you from achieving success. If you wish to be the best version of yourself, you may need to tame your emotions better.

Crying Dog

Do you know why the dog is called man’s best friend? It is because dogs represent loyalty and compassion. If you have been fortunate to have a dog, you may understand why seeing them cry may be emotional, even in dreams. And yes, dogs do cry.

Dreams about a crying dog may symbolize someone very close to you missing your companionship. You may have been away from your family, friends, and loved ones for too long. These people may hope to see you again in the waking world.

Your dream sends you not to pull too far from people who care about you. You may have to revisit your emotional connections and be there for those who care about you.

Someone Crying

You may find the interpretation of this dream ironic, but there is some sense to it.

Dream of someone crying means you will be lucky very soon and that your problems are bound to be resolved soon. Seeing someone else cry in your dream is a good omen to you as the dreamer.

Such dreams have been frequent to people during their times of anxiety. If you feel worried about anything and have such a dream, it is a call for you to hang on. Problems do not last, and you gain peace of mind when they are dispatched.

woman crying

Baby Crying

It is barely a strange thing to see a baby crying. You should be more worried if it does not cry. However, if you spot a crying baby in your dreams, it may bear signs of what is happening in your waking world.

You are likely being ignored in the waking world and need attention. Human beings are social beings; we cannot do without attention. If someone close to you is not giving you attention, it may lead to such dreams.

Your dreams may be a reflection of your actions in the waking world seeking the attention of someone. In some rare cases, the dream may be about your regrets about your unfulfilled goals.

Dead Person Crying

If a dream is not worth having, it may be this one. A dream about a dead person crying may evoke fear in the dreamer. And it symbolizes grief and sadness. You have likely lost someone close to you recently, and you are mourning in the waking world.

This dream mostly comes as a message when one is not grieving properly. Sometimes we tend to ignore grief, hoping it goes away. Time does not heal; grieving does that. Your dream is your subconscious way of letting you know how to deal with the pain of loss.

FAQs About Crying Dreams

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Crying Dreams?

Dreams about crying are sometimes considered a sign of bad things, but not in the spiritual realm. These dreams carry more symbolism than what we see them mean. Your dreams about crying may be taken to symbolize abundance.

There are various types of tears; grief and joy are obvious. In your dream, the tears may be of joy to represent abundance or grief to represent your emotional state.

Spiritual interpretation of dreams may sometimes be taken to mean the release from a struggle. It is God’s way of communicating problems have been removed from your life.

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Crying Dreams?

Crying in your dreams is often associated with a bad omen, except for tears of joy. In most cases, these dreams can represent anxiety and depression in the dreamer’s waking world. These dreams are, therefore not to be taken lightly.

Whenever a person dreams of crying, it conveys deep symbolism. This message often serves as a warning for what is to come and even an encouragement through the potentially tough times ahead.

From the Psalmist’s [1] writings, the Bible shows how crying can be used as a tool to symbolize suffering, repentance, and regret.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up Crying from a Dream?

Waking up crying from a dream symbolizes release from the struggle in the waking world. This dream and the aftermath refer to God’s ability to see you through challenges as and when they present themselves.

If you have such dreams, it could signify the end of your suffering. Despite the challenges you may have faced, your emotional release is on its way.

What’s the meaning of Crying in dreams in Hindi?

Crying dreams bear different messages in different religions. In Hinduism, dreams are a sign of a good omen. Good luck will be part of your future in due time if you have these dreams. You should expect good news that will bring you good tides.

It also means your tough times are drawing to an end. Hindus, therefore, believe crying dreams should be welcomed and appreciated. Their symbolism comes with a positive aura for the dreamer.

Final Thoughts

Crying dreams can be either representation of grief or joy. You can always tell what your crying dreams mean based on what is happening in the waking world. While there are several acceptable explanations for these dreams, some are more universal than others.

These interpretations are also tied to individual occurrences in the waking world. You must remain objective in your interpretation.

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