Dream About Crabs: Symbolism & Interpretation

Dreams about crabs have been reported when the dreamer is insecure about occurrences in the waking world. If you have such dreams, they point at your weaknesses, insecurities, and vulnerability. But these dreams may also symbolize strength and defense.

That preliminary introduction may have seemed a bit harsh on interpreting these dreams. However, we will review the context in which dreams are understood.

To better understand your crab dreams, you have to learn what they symbolize and relate the dreams to your waking world scenario.

What Does Crab Symbolize in a Dream?

Introverted personality

Crabs are known for their hard, shell-like exoskeleton, which protects their inside. Likewise, introverts are known to protect themselves from societal pressure. They prefer the confines of solitude and keep barriers that prevent them from getting hurt by social interactions.

Your dream could be your subconscious trying to enforce the personality you are trying to ignore. There is nothing wrong with being introverted, but understanding it would make you more comfortable in the waking world.


The exoskeleton of a crab protects it from being harmed. This dream alludes to the need for protection fulfilled by the shell.

You may be in a position where you are unsure of what surrounds you and are hoping to secure yourself better.

If you have such dreams, you have likely set up barriers in your life. These barriers may protect you, but they may also prevent you from enjoying your life maximumly.


In a more positive light, these dreams may signify your strength, determination, and resolve. You do not allow for external pressures to break that resolve.

Such a dream may be a pointer to a strong personality that will benefit your decision-making.

sand crab

Hidden emotional state

The dream may also symbolize your vulnerable emotional state. Your subconscious communicates the hidden emotions you consider too vulnerable to showcase. You are caught in a state where you choose outward strength to conceal inner vulnerability.

It may be a sign to allow yourself to feel vulnerable. What makes us human is the ability to harness our emotions and live through it all.

There are different crab dreams, which bear with them varying meanings. Some of these scenarios are discussed in-depth.

Crab Dream Interpretation

Your dreams about crabs mostly reflect your personality and tenacity. These dreams try to shed light on different aspects of how you react when confronted or deal with others.

These meanings are subjective and rely on the dreamer’s understanding to make sense of them.

Eating Crab Legs

Crab legs symbolize stability and a dream about eating crab legs is advice for you to seek more stability.

When you are eating crab legs in your dream, your subconscious lets you know you need to take more control of things in your waking world.

If you are having these dreams, it may mean you have mastered control over your life and all its dimensions. You are enjoying the benefits of juggling social, personal, and professional aspects and have established a proper balance.

Crabs Attacking You

When crabs attack you in your dreams, it indicates that you are trying to flee your problems.

There is a confrontation you do not want to deal with in your waking world, causing confusion in your life. These are the sort of problems that have a degenerating effect on your happiness the longer they carry on.

This dream is a warning and foreshadowing of what will happen if you fail to address your challenges. It would be best if you were bold about your issues, looked at viable solutions, and tackled them individually. By facing your fears, you gain more serenity.

Dream of Catching Crabs

You have been ignoring something in the waking world for a while.

Your subconscious is trying to point out that you must go for it and sort it out. Ignorance is sometimes bred from lacking understanding of what you are ignoring.

This dream could also allude to your instincts.

People sometimes ignore this third sense, but it may be right more than you know. If you have second thoughts about something, trust your instinct and proceed with caution.

The dream could also mean you are working towards something which proves difficult to get to but will be worth it in the end. If you are caught in such a scenario, keep pushing until you succeed.

Cooking Crabs

Dreams of you cooking a crab allude to your hard resolve and stubborn will.

You do not allow yourself to compromise once you have made a stand. Regardless of the changing circumstances, you will likely stand firm in your decisions.

These dreams symbolize your ability to withstand negative criticism from others. You do not let the opinions of others derail you from what you believe is right. Such traits are commendable, and your subconscious encourages you to hold steady.

cooking crabs

Buying Crabs

The dream about buying crabs calls for you to act quickly in the waking world.

There are efforts you can make that will guarantee you more peace and optimism. You will soon be faced with decisions you must make to achieve more success.

These dreams are an encouragement to clean up your life where necessary.

You have the potential to turn things in your favor, and your decisions will have a large impact on how everything plays out.

Dead Crabs

Dead crabs in your dream are a symbol of new beginnings.

You may have been through a rough life patch, but that is about to change. Good fortunes are about to start blowing your way, and your fate will change for the better.

These dreams are a wake-up call to be careful with your choices. You have been awarded a second chance in life and must make the most of it. Do not let your past mistakes hold you back.

Red Crabs

Red crabs are a symbol of anger and aggression.

You are faced with a mixture of emotions you have not reacted to as you should. These emotions are boiling over and causing you to be violent in how you interpret things happening around you.

The dream communicates the need to take a step back and allow yourself to cool. Do not make any decisions while in such a state.

crab on beach

Blue Crabs

Blue crabs symbolize desperation and self-doubt.

You are not in the best phase of your life, causing you to question your abilities. Your subconscious is crying out for help, for you to listen and stop doubting your abilities.

The only way to overcome such a mental barrier is by finding ways to grow your confidence.

Crabs in Water

Dreams about crabs in water are a symbol of your strength.

You have established dominance in your life because of your strength and will. Your life is balanced because of your personality and how you respond to challenges.

These dreams remind you that the status quo is only because of how you have conducted yourself.

Spiritual Meaning of Crab Dreams

Crab dreams allow you to grow spiritually, achieving greater physical, mental and emotional strength as you go by. They are pointers toward things that may occur in the future.

If you are expecting some good news, crab dreams hint at what the news may be. And if you anticipate something bad, it prepares your mind for the eventuality.

Crab dreams also help you understand your past mistakes and allow you to grow by learning from them. In return, it prevents you from making the same mistakes in the future.

Biblical Meaning of Crab Dreams

The Bible teaches the purpose of life, continuous improvement, and second chances.

Your crab dreams point to the fact that your life decisions impact the path to your goal and those around you. Therefore, always make decisions that best suit you to attain your life’s goals.

These dreams also help you understand your behaviors and how they are likely to affect interpersonal relationships with others. By improving how you react, you also boost what others perceive of you.

Psychological Meaning of Crab Dreams

Dreams about crabs discourage the efforts to suppress emotions.

It would help if you were open about how you feel and allowed yourself to process all these emotions. For the issues you try to avoid, there is also an urge to deal with them directly. It gives for quality and fulfilled lives.

The dreams also outline how unresolved emotions and conflicts can interfere with your peace of mind.

Sometimes you may ignore the need to address issues as they arise. But sweeping it all under the carpet is no solution. It disadvantages your stability.

What Can You Get from Crab Dreams?

Dreams of crabs reflect your emotional and psychological state. These dreams work as bearers of messages which may be of good or bad luck. Your interpretation of the dream could help deal with a real-life issue.

Your crab dreams can allow you to make sense of different scenarios in life. All this understanding guides you toward living a more prosperous life. When interpreting these crab dreams, you must be as objective as possible.

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