What Does Dream of Cockroaches Mean to You?

Dreams about cockroaches inspire little but feelings of disgust, filth, and hatred. Even in real life, these pests are considered a nuisance by many.

Roaches dreams, therefore, represent unclean things in and around our lives. Such experiences and dreams cause disgust in your dreams and the waking world.

If you have these dreams, there is a slim chance you will feel anything other than an urge to remove the menace. In some cases, these dreams are taken to symbolize anxiety and fear.

What Do Cockroaches Dream Symbolize?

The funny thing about roaches is they are the most common pests. Their ability to survive and thrive in every possible environment makes them even more annoying. Most people share the idea that the world may be better without cockroaches.

We will dive into the meaning of these dreams and see what they symbolize.

Survival and endurance

Cockroaches can survive anywhere, from high-rise buildings to slums and pits.

If you have such dreams, they may be a symbol of your tough nature. You have it in you to survive different scenarios. You can reach the other end if you go through a rough spot.

Dreams of cockroaches can be frequent when you are in a rough spot in your life. It shows challenges, regardless of how hard, can be overcome with time.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a cockroach?

Well, for me, it is probably disgust. I doubt if the feelings would be different in my dreams. Resentment comes when you have a fury directed at someone in the waking world.

There is someone who is on the wrong side of your emotions and causes you to bear strong resentment against them. This hate manifests itself in dreams about cockroaches.


If you have these dreams about roaches, then this may not be what you want to hear right now.

But in many communities and societies, cockroaches have been seen as a symbol of poverty. It could signify a loss in wealth or a drop in social and economic status.

Try to take my advice to you in the face of these dreams as a warning. Secure your lifestyle and be careful of everything in and around yourself.

Dream Interpretation of Cockroaches

Several other scenarios can be used for your interpretations of cockroach dreams. This article will take a deep dive into the different scenario meanings.

Killing Cockroaches

There are aspects about yourself that you do not find comforting and are working to relieve yourself of them.

Cockroaches symbolize negative emotions and energy, and the act of you killing them are you getting rid of the negativity.

The dream may also symbolize your efforts to undo a negative emotion you harbor.

Some negative emotions may hold you back from being a complete version of yourself. You may not grow unless you break free from these emotions.

Dead Cockroaches

Have you ever had these little annoyances that you cannot shake off? That may be similar to having cockroaches around you.

When it is about dead cockroaches dreams, it may be a sign for you to stop worrying about the little things.

The little nuisance you have been worrying about is on its way out. Embrace the vision of a better tomorrow and look forward to the good ahead. You have conquered a recent challenge and will progress into better things in the waking world.

Roaches Crawling

You have a feeling of uncleanliness because of recent actions or behavior.

Crawling cockroaches leave an eerie feeling in the waking world. Dreams of roaches crawling in your dreams are likely because your behavior in the waking world is against what your subconscious believes to be right.

Such a dream can be a call to improve your behavioral patterns. Alternatively, these dreams may mean you are getting overwhelmed by negativity in your life. You may need to take a step back are reevaluate your life.

Cockroaches in the House

Dreams about cockroaches in the house can be a sign of carelessness.

It is a rebuke of how you have chosen to live carefreely and its effects on your personal life. Your decisions, attitudes, and behaviors are causing significant discomfort in the waking world.

You may have to change your preconceived notions. This dream passes a message that even though change is hard, it may be necessary for your peace of mind.

Roach Infestation

Is there anything scarier than having a cockroach infestation? Whether in a dream or the waking world, such a dream will evoke fear and anxiety.

The symbolism behind roach infestation dream may be based on your helplessness. You are cumbered by challenges causing stress in your waking world life.

With the stress of this dream comes anxiety and helplessness. You have no control over the situation, yet it is pushing hard against you and continues relentlessly. If you identify the cause of stress, you can stop this ‘roach infestation.’

Roaches in Bed

Any dream that relates to your bed means something very close to you.

Dreams about cockroaches in your bed signify the repulsion you have for someone close to you. Maybe there is an element about their behavior that displeases you.

This dream can also represent the elements of your personality that you find repulsive. Despite finding them off-putting, you still struggle to steer clear of them.

Cockroaches on Ceiling

The further the cockroaches are from you, the better, right? What do dreams of cockroaches on the ceiling represent, then?

Dreams about cockroaches on ceiling means minor annoyances in your life prevent you from expressing your feelings and opinions.

You feel very limited if you find yourself in a space where you cannot express yourself. Your dreams are a message for you to act. You may have to make drastic steps to change the status quo.

Cockroaches Flying toward Me

When you dream of cockroaches flying around you, it may mean a tense situation surrounds you.

Challenges in and around your life will cause stress in the coming future. You may have to realign your life goals and pursuit to prevent stress.

This dream itself can cause anxiety. It may signify the rising levels of anxiety in your life and the effects it is causing in your life. You will have to prepare for difficult times and learn how to deal with them until they fade away.

Cockroaches in my Hair

The problem you have been facing has infested its way into your personal life.

Dream of cockroaches in your hair means you have to go through great lengths to get rid of the problem. You will be faced with deciding soon, and the consequence of this decision will cause you loss.

With personal loss, your problem will also go away. This dream acts as a premonition for something terrible in the offing. It also serves as a warning on how you deal with your problems in life.

Spraying Cockroaches

Perhaps the only positive symbolism behind a dream is that you are spraying the cockroaches.

Dream of spraying cockroaches alludes to your strength and courage. When you dream about spraying cockroaches, it means you have the resolve to take up problems, looking to find a solution as they come.

Spiritual Meaning of Cockroaches in Dreams

Cockroaches have significant and strangely positive symbolism in the spiritual realm.

Despite how we view them in the waking world and our dreams, these ‘pests’ signify longevity, survival, and resilience. Their ability to survive and thrive makes them almost admirable regarding their spiritual significance.

Cockroaches also symbolize rebirth.

Did you know a roach can survive up to three weeks without its head [1]? Three weeks! Because of this, sometimes, they are seen as an ultimate symbol of rebirth and survival.

Biblical Meaning of Cockroaches in Dreams

The Biblical representation of cockroach dreams takes a more negative perspective.

Cockroach dreams are seen as a symbol of poverty and deprivation. It is interpreted as the spirit of poverty around you and warns against complacency.

Therefore, if you have dreams of cockroaches, you must commit to working against poverty and its effects on yourself and those close to you.

Cockroach Meaning Dreams in Islam

Like the Biblical perspective, Islam also attributes dreams of cockroaches to a bad omen.

These are barely dreams but warnings against what is to come. The looming bad omen often comes in deprivation, loss, anxiety, fear, and poverty.

If you have continued dreams of cockroaches, you may need to check your environment for negative energy that will pull you back from your accomplishments.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Cockroach?

Dreams about cockroaches in any context can be eerie. They cause anxiety and discomfort in your waking world and dream alike.

Cockroach dreams carry with them meanings, meanings that can be interpreted in real-life scenarios. Most dreams signify disgust, filth, and repulsion towards something in the waking world.

These dreams can come with multiple meanings. It is down to you to get to the specifics of your dream. And draw the relations to your real-life scenario.

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