Dreaming of Big Waves: What’s the Meaning?

Dreaming of big waves may strike you as a scary dream, and rightfully so. Such a dream can scare the inner child in you unless you are a surfing enthusiast.

But what do these big waves of dreams symbolize? Are they just the creativity of your mind, or do they carry meaning?

This article looks at how big wave dreams relate to your emotional balance in the waking world and how external factors may influence you. There are countless possibilities and explanations.

What Do Dreams of Big Waves Symbolize?

Now you need to understand that dreams can be translated into whatever meaning you want. Therefore, these translations must match what you are experiencing in the waking world.

There are various meanings to your big wave dreams. Some of the common meanings will be reviewed in this article.

Peer pressure and influence

Unlike your natural self, you will likely face external pressure to act in ways. These pressures may be from friends, family, or workmates.

Your dream is a warning that these pressures are likely to impact your judgment and may cause you to behave differently.

Emotional instability

Waves are uncontrollable and dangerous in full strength, and their symbolism in dreams matches that in real life.

If you repeatedly have these dreams about waves, you are likely in a state of emotional uncertainty in the waking world.

Inner Strength

The might of the wave may be a representation of your willpower.

At the peak of your powers, nothing can stand in your way. Such strength comes from a resolve that is too hard to break and the will to carry on despite what may stand in your way.


What do we call issues that appear too big to deal with? Challenges.

Dreams about big waves are sometimes taken to mean challenges in our paths. These challenges have the potential to wreak destruction in your waking world.

You may need to stay cautious of the happenings in the waking world. Be vigilant of the happenings around you to minimize the damage that may occur.

Great Anger

There is a symbolism of a great rage that can be equated to a big wave that cannot be stopped.

You possess a wave of building anger about someone or something in the waking world. This anger will have great effects on those around you and even yourself.

big waves crushing stone

What Do Dreams of Big Waves Mean?

Being objective with your interpretation will get you the most likely meaning for your big-wave dreams. Let’s dive into some specific scenarios, then.

Big Waves Coming at You

Picture yourself in such a scenario, with big waves coming at you. Do you run? Scream? Regardless of how you act, you can hardly do anything to escape this sealed fate.

Big waves coming at you in your dreams may mean you feel vulnerable and exposed.

Being vulnerable means whatever action there is likely to be one outcome. This dream, therefore, serves as a premonition for something heading your way that you have no control over. You may as well brace for impact and reduce the damage you will sustain when it inevitably occurs.

Big waves coming at you may also symbolize the emotional instability in your life.

You are struggling with mixed emotions because of things happening in the waking world. While you may be unable to control these emotions, understanding them gives you a better grip on reality.

Big Waves and Drowning

The feeling of drowning scares you and makes you acknowledge life’s beauty.

If you dream of big waves and you are drowning in them, you will be shaken to the core. And the symbolism behind it would not help your peace of mind either.

You drowning under big waves means you will face a significant challenge shortly. This challenge may be unlike what you have seen before and could potentially cause catastrophic impacts on your waking world.

Does this dream then mean you are doomed? No, the dream of big waves and you drowning are a premonition that serves as a waning. You may have to adjust your thinking, actions, and responses to things around your life.

Being on a Boat with Big Waves

You can’t control a sailboat in the face of big waves.

Similarly, your dream about being in a boat with big waves may symbolize the lack of control over events in your life. You are overwhelmed by decisions, emotions, and challenges around you.

Losing control over basic human nature and emotions can leave you feeling helpless. Your dream may come at the right time to warn you against impending challenges. You will need to seek assistance from others to overcome the challenges.

Big Waves in the Ocean

Big waves are very frequent in the ocean and are in their natural state.

Waves in the oceans are stronger and larger than in small rivers. Therefore, the dreams of big waves in the ocean may mean a sense of heightened emotions in your waking world.

In some instances, the dream can be taken to mean high anxiety.

Anxiety comes when uncertainty comes into the picture. You are being faced with things you do not understand. While your life is full of uncertainty, you will need to gain control of critical aspects of your life to unsettle the anxiety.

big ocean waves

Big Waves and Flood

Your dream is a clear representation of strength and intimidation.

Someone in or around your life is forcing your hand because they have the power to do so. It also alludes to your feelings of inadequacy, allowing others to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Such a dream is a call to action; you may need to be stronger and stand against any negative energies that may want to control your life and decisions. Your life depends on the decisions you make for yourself.

Beach and Big Waves

If there is one dream about big waves that can comfort you, it is one about a big wave on the beach.

The dream symbolized your honesty and genuineness in all situations you faced. Your actions and behaviors draw people to you because they believe you truly mean what you say and always act right.

You are put in a position where you can continue providing warmth and protection to the people around you. People are drawn toward you for the protection they feel around you.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Big Waves?

In Bible terms, the big waves represent the awakening of greater things in your life.

You have come through a journey that will see you discover things about yourself that will make you unstoppable. The awakening is your spiritual journey to realize inner strength and power.

While it sometimes represents an awakening, it may also become a meaning of unfavorable conditions.

The big waves represent the challenges that may arise, causing strain in your life. The dream warns you to stay safe from dangers coming your way soon.

What is the Islamic Meaning of Big Waves?

In Islam, dreams about big waves are symbols of torment and penance for sins.

The dream symbolizes that you are struggling with difficulties in your waking world. These challenges represent a rough patch of your life that will pass, but you will have to bear some substantial hardships before it does.

The waves may also represent torture, a struggle you are going through.

The effects in the waking world may be spinning into your dream world. Your subconscious is raising the alarm regarding the hardships and how they are affecting your life.

Is It Good or Bad to Dream of Big Waves?

Dreams about big waves can be both interesting and terrifying in equal measure.

The symbolism behind big wave dreams may cause discomfort for you as a dreamer. It is mostly considered a sign of high anxiety and impending struggle.

As with all dreams, the interpretation is down to your circumstance. Understanding your circumstances will improve your understanding of the meaning of your dreams.

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