About A Dream Last Night

Dreams have been considered the bridge to otherworldly communication for a long time. They have been used to gain better insights into a person’s waking life’s complexities.

Here at ADreamLastNigh.com, we understand this, which is why we are dedicated to helping you understand the meaning of your dreams.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help everyone find some solace in what might seem like an endless maze of dreams.

Most people believe there are no meanings behind their dreams, but they do have an interpretation based on your daily life.

We dream about our lives and the events that happen to us every day. This is because we dream about what we consider important to us and about the things we want to achieve.

We extensively do our research about dream symbols to provide as much accurate information about dream symbols as we can.

Meet the Team

Sophia Clark – Founder & Chief Editor

Sophia Clark – Founder & Chief Editor

Sophia is a licensed psychologist specializing in physiological psychology. She is licensed in both Las Vegas and Califonia and works in private practice.

From a teenager, Sophia and her grandmother would have long discussions about how people perceive their present and future and how those obstacles that stop them from reaching their potential are actually trivial. She was taught to be a great observer of people’s behavior because she knew she could understand how their life stories would continue.

Her motivation in life is and always was to help people understand.

Olivia Davis – Editor

Olivia Davis – Editor

Olivia has been reading for over 23 years. She is a uniquely gifted, highly educated, and compassionate reader.

While she is a trained and Certified Life Coach and has had an extensive Education in metaphysical studies, both in the US and India, being Psychic isn’t something she’s learned to do; it is what she has always been.

From a place of compassionate support, she can read your vibrational qualities from the first few sentences you speak and then accurately guide you to the answers you seek in whatever situation you are navigating.

Daniel Jones – Editor

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones – Editor

Daniel possessed the cherished ability to read and interpret dreams at a very young age, 12.

As a result of his journeys to South America, Europe, and Africa, Daniel has been exposed to remote parts of the world to learn by direct contact with spiritual guides. This permitted him to refine his gifts even further.

His exotic travels enable him to provide insightful, compassionate readings that allow clients to discover the most authentic life and make better choices.

We Offer Accurate Interpretation

Many websites out there talk about dreams but only from the perspective of what they mean. This one, however, provides a highly detailed account of dreams, including their purpose and meaning.

We try our best to reduce the complicated language surrounding dream analysis so our readers can understand it.

We will offer an accurate interpretation of your dream based on the extensive research that we have done on dream symbols.

When you receive this interpretation, you can make the necessary changes in your waking life and better control your dreams.


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Enjoy discovering hidden signs that our night visions convey in sleep.

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